Henry VIII School Assembly


Henry VIII School Assembly


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Henry VIII School Assembly

Did he love that wedding march up the aisle so much ….or were there other reasons? If you thought ‘a walk around the block’ was good exercise and safe…Think again! And if you thought men had it all their own way in Tudor times – well, you really do need to watch this play to the very end! (The play’s that is ….not yours!)

(Also available for this unit, set of 5 guided reading play scripts plus quizzes – Wives 1 & 2, 2 & 3, 4 & 5, 6 and All the Wives together – See Guided Reading Play Scripts Section; plus set of lecture notes – see Lectures section)



Henry VIII Assembly

Narrator: One year later…..

Jane: Look at your sweet baby son.

Henry: (cooing) Ah yes, perfect – so good looking – just like his daddy!

 Courtier (stage whisper) You could have fooled me. Fat and forty – that’s you, mate. An ‘orrible old man. Lucky his wife adores him. They do say love is blind, don’t they?

Narrator: Sadly, Jane died soon after the birth of her son, Edward. Henry was heartbroken… (Henry wailing)….but not for long.

Henry: (pacing up and down) Oh woe is me. What will I do without Jane by my side. (Stops mid-pace). I know! I’ll……find another wife! (as an aside) I’m good at that! Get me a globe. Ah yes. Now I’ve tried Spain. What about ….Germany? I hear they have some very attractive frauleins there. (Courtier holds up poster of Britney Spears) Now, who is this? Britney Spears? Sings what? Oops I did it again? Oh dear, sounds a bit accident prone.



4.   Unit 7 Henry VIII Assembly


6 Wives


– Order

      – Number of Children

      – 'Fates'


1. Canon – Pachelbel

2. Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

3. Somethin' Stupid – Nichole Kidman and Robbie Williams

4. You've Got a Friend – Carole King

5. Respect – Aretha Franklin

6. It must be love – Madness

7. Stand by you man – Dolly Parton

8. Sisters are doin' it for themselves – Eurythmics

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