History of Democracy Assembly


History of Democracy Assembly


History of Democracy Assembly – Who will be our next prime minister?

History of Democracy Assembly. What should you expect when you have: 2 kings, 2 Ancient Greeks, 2 suffragettes, 1 queen plus a mix of politicians – past (including 10 prime ministers) and present – the latter trying to win your vote for the next General Election? A fair amount of ‘banter’, that’s what!

This history of democracy gives a quick coverage of our political system, from Ancient Greeks, through Magna Carta, and Civil Wars – to the present day, with input from such notable past prime ministers as Robert Walpole, William Pitt the Younger, Palmerston (Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston), Sir Robert Peel, Gladstone (William Ewart), Asquith (Herbert Henry), Sir Winston Churchill, Clement Atlee and of course, Maggie Thatcher. Oh and a handful of policemen!

Cast of 30 – easily adjusted up or down.

Duration – around 15 minutes not including music suggestions

There is also a Magna Carta Assembly available off the website – and there are two light hearted looks at the coming General Election in the pipeline (including Key Stage I scripts)

History of Democracy Sample text:

Music 1 Power to the People – John Lennon

(Cast files in, taking seats facing audience, in 2 rows of 15; to every ‘Power to the People’, children can raise their fists in gesture of power and defiance)

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to our assembly on

(Enter 3 politicians, with loudspeakers)

Conservative: Vote Conservative!

Labour:           Vote Labour!

Lib. Dem.:        Vote Liberal Democrats!

Narrator:         (Indignantly) Hey! What’s going on? This is a school assembly – not a political rally!

Conservative: But it’s nearly time for the next General Election and

All 3:                (Together) We’re running out of time!

Narrator:         Well, that really is no excuse for bad manners. Here I am, trying to do an assembly on the history of our great democracy …

Conservative: Well, why didn’t you say?

Labour:           We can help you out with that!

Lib. Dem.         (Aside) And maybe win a few votes along the way!

Labour:           Huh! Let’s face it – you need all the help you can get!

Lib. Dem:         Oh, and you don’t? At least I’m in government at the moment

Conservative: With me!

Lib. Dem:         And not on those back benches.

(Looks at children in back row)

Lib. Dem:         Sorry. No offence. I was talking about the Opposition. This Labour lot!

Labour:           And us Labour lot will soon wipe the smiles off your faces! We’re gonna win this time!

Conservative: Pigs might fly!

Narrator:         (Intervening) Enough, enough, gentlemen! This is getting us nowhere apart from being very tiresome to listen to! ‘Same old, same old’, as they say.

(Narrator ushers 3 politicians to their seats)

Narrator:         Strikes me we could do with some new blood around here.

Music 2 My Generation – The Who

(Mini performance)

Narrator:         (Scratching head) Hmm. Not quite what I had in mind…

Music 3 Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols (2nd verse plus chorus)

(Quick burst of music)

(Narrator rushes over to stop music)

Narrator:         Stop! Stop! Anarchy in my Assembly? Never!

(Narrator shakes his head)

Narrator:         (To audience) My goodness! Give them an inch, and they take a mile! You see how quickly things can get out of hand?

(Looks down at notes)

Narrator:         Now. Where were we?

Music 4 Sisters are Doin it For Themselves – Eurythmics

(Enter Suffragettes, singing defiantly)

Narrator:         (Holds up hands to halt ‘performance’). Ladies! Please!

Suffragette 1:  (Indignantly) Oh you needn’t think ‘Ladies, please!’ will do it!

Suffragette 2:  (Indignantly) No! All we’re interested in is getting the vote!

(Suffragette 2 waves handcuffs in the air)

Suffragette 2:  Find me some railings!

Suffragette 1:  We’re prepared to do anything for our cause!

(Enter Police 1 & 2, blowing their whistles, and grabbing 2 suffragettes)

Police 1:          Come along, Ladies!

Suffragette 1:  (Struggling out of his grasp) Don’t you, ‘Come along, Ladies’ me!

Police 2:          Madam?

Suffragette 2:  (Backing away) Don’t you, ‘Madam’ me!

Narrator:         Ooh my! Bit of a feisty lot, these suffragettes!

(Enter Maggie Thatcher)

Maggie Thatcher:       And you know what? They had to be!

(Exit Police 1 & 2)

Music 5 Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Suffragette 1:  What’s up, sister?

Suffragette 2:  Doesn’t look to me like she’d take no for an answer!

Maggie Thatcher:       Who me? Margaret Thatcher? Accept defeat?

Music 6  Turn Turn Turn – The Byrds

(Maggie Thatcher walks over to the music and switches it off)

Maggie Thatcher: You turn if you want to. (Pointing to herself) The lady’s not for turning!

Suffragette 1:  Whoa! I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her!

Maggie Thatcher:       Oh! Don’t you worry. I’m extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end!

Narrator:         And you are?

Maggie Thatcher:       The Iron Lady! Margaret Thatcher! Didn’t I say? Britain’s first female prime minister!

(Both suffragettes scream in disbelief)

Suffragette 1:  Prime Minister? You, a woman?

Suffragette 2:  No! You don’t mean it?

Maggie Thatcher:       Oh I most definitely do! I became Conservative party leader in 1975 and won the election in 1979, and again in 1983 and 1987!

Suffragette 1:  Wow! So our efforts weren’t in vain!


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