Maya School Assembly


Maya School Assembly


Maya School Assembly

Maya School Assembly. Self-important kings, moody gods, …not to mention that chocoholic! Our narrator finds his/her work cut out as usual, keeping things moving along smoothly – within the normal time confines but this time working to a Maya calendar – just enough time to cover those 20 days – in words and numbers, Maya style of course!

Cast of 30 (easily adjusted up or down). Duration: Around 20 minutes

Maya Guided Reading Scripts (5) – 6 speakers each – also now available off website. Great supplementary classroom resource.

Recent review: 20.5.15 Dear Sue,Thank you for the Maya School Assembly – it looks fantastic!  Just the right balance of humour and information.  It looks straight forward to present too – useful production notes.Really looking forward to (rather than dreading) my assembly now!Cheers,Kate

Maya School Assembly Sample Text:

Lord Pacal:          I am the great Lord Pacal! I ruled for 68 years, from A.D. 615 to 684.

(Enter Child 8 holding up Classic Period banner)

Child 8:                 This was at the beginning of the Classic Period – A.D. 600 to 900.

Narrator:             The Classic Period, you say? What was so classic about it?

Child 8:                 This was when the Maya were at their most successful – their peak time, if you like.

Narrator:             So let’s hear about their achievements during that time.

(Exit Child 8)

Lord Pacal:          How about we start with … me?

Narrator:             (Aside, sarcastically) Why didn’t I hear that coming?

Lord Pacal:          (Holding up pictures) Now. If you look very carefully you can see me, linking the realm of my ancestors to that of the gods.

Narrator:             Ah! I’ve heard about that sacred kingship!

Lord Pacal:          But that’s not all!

Narrator:             (Aside) I didn’t think it would be!

Lord Pacal:          I was also the guarantor of fertility, rain and crops – here, see on these pictures! And that’s not all!

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Really? Now there’s a surprise!

Lord Pacal:          I was also a magnificent warrior!

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Really?

Lord Pacal:          Oh, I know. Who’d have thought it! All this in just one life time!

Narrator:             Amazing!

Lord Pacal:          Course, I had to make sure people didn’t forget me.

Narrator:             As if!

Lord Pacal:          So I had a temple built, when I was in my seventies. And my son completed it after my death – placing my body in that crypt below the temple.

(Enter Archaeologist)

Narrator:             You, again?

Archaeologist:    Ah yes! I think I forgot to mention my name before. It’s Albert Ruz and it was I who discovered this tomb in 1952! Course, he (pointing at Lord Pacal) wasn’t alone!

Narrator:             What do you mean?

Lord Pacal:          (Exclaiming in shock) Alone? Oh! The very thought of it! Over my dead body, as they say!

Archaeologist:    Well, maybe not over – but certainly around. (Waving as he exits) See you around!

(To audience) I’m off – before he decides to add me to those unfortunate subjects!

(Exit Archaeologist)

Narrator:             (Impatiently) What?

Lord Pacal:          Oh, that would be five of my subjects. All sacrificed at the time of my death. There was no way I was going to the next life by myself!

Narrator:             Delightful!

Lord Pacal:          Oh, I was! Quite charming! And highly respected, of course!

Narrator:             Of course! Not that your people had a lot of choice! And as for the company you kept ..

(Enter priests 1 & 2, carrying ‘bags’)

Lord Pacal:          Aha! My priests! And what sacrifices do you have for us today?

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