Life in Middle Ages Castle Assembly


Life in a Middle Ages Castle Assembly


Life in a Middle Ages Castle Assembly – Banquet, Battle and Joust

Life in a Middle Ages Castle Assembly is a Key Stage II class play or assembly, our narrator and student become time travellers to the Middle Ages – in a brief but highly eventful visit to a medieval castle!

Three scenes – Banquet, Joust and Battle – in which our time travellers find themselves participating in ways they could never have imagined!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down; duration around 15 – 20 minutes.

Another script is available from entitled Castles and Knights but this is more for Key Stage I – even though it is suggested it could be adapted to Key Stage II. There is also a script entitled St. George and the Dragon which is suitable for Key Stage I.

Sample Text:

Squire:                  Here you are! (Looking at ‘crowd’) Best not keep this lot waiting!

(Loud cheer from the crowd)

Narrator:             Waiting? What for?

Squire:                  Why, you of course! You must know how much the crowd love jousts?

Toby:                     Jousts?

(Squire presents Narrator and Toby with a lance)

Narrator:             Oh no! No! You see, there’s been a mistake!

Toby:                     (Holding up lance) Yes. I mean, we don’t know one end of this pole from the other!

Squire:                  (Laughing) Oh you and your little jokes!

Narrator:             No, that was the last scene.

Toby:                     There’s nothing funny about us two being brave knights! I mean, we’re not! Brave, that is!

Squire:                  (Patting heads reassuringly) Oh, I see! It’s just a case of pre-jousting nerves. Now, take a deep breath

Narrator:             No, you don’t understand! We

(Loud cheer goes up from waiting crowd)

Squire:                  Now, come along! We can’t keep this lot waiting! We’ll have a riot on our hands if you don’t start soon!

Toby:                     But we don’t know what to do!

Squire:                  (Taking lance) Here! Hold it like this and just charge at each other on horseback! Nothing to it!

Narrator & Toby:              (Exclaiming together) What?

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