Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 2012


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 2012


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Assembly in celebration of 1952 – 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly on the years 1952 – 2012 is an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!)

This is one of three scripts now available on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The other two are:

  1. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly – about the Queen and her life, family, achievements etc.
  2. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly on the English Monarchy – this being a quick gallop from Alfred to our present queen!

These scripts can be bought individually or as part of a special 3 for 2 package. Buy 2 scripts online, and let me know which one you want free – I will then send all three scripts to you.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee assembly  Sample Text:

Narrator:         And so to the 70s. Please someone tell me it wasn’t as crazy as the 60s! Not sure I can cope with much more!

Queen:            Oh tush, man! I’m finding this highly entertaining!

(David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars walk on)

Music 14 Jean Genie – David Bowie

(Queen screams and covers her face with her hands. Narrator rushes over to placate her)

Narrator:         Now, now, Your Majesty. Nothing to worry about! They might look weird but they’re really quite harmless!

Queen:                        (Gasping) But who are they?

Bowie:             I’m David Bowie and these are the Spiders from Mars!

Queen:            (Gasping) Spiders from Mars? Didn’t you just say I had nothing to worry about? I don’t remember there being an alien invasion any time in the 1970s?

(Enter Alice Cooper)

(Queen screams and dives for cover again)

Narrator:         Calm yourself, m’lady! He, Alice Cooper, is also perfectly harmless

(Aside) when he’s not biting off heads of bats … or was it chickens?

Queen:            (Screaming) I heard that! What kind of a monster is he?

Narrator:         Oh, perfectly harmless I assure you! Sing us a song, Alice!

Music 15 Schools Out – Alice Cooper

(Alice Cooper performing, rest of cast joining in and cheering)

Narrator:         Stop! Stop! We can’t have this anarchy! Not when we are entertaining our most gracious sovereign queen! I do apologise, Ma’am. I think our next ‘guest’ will be far more to your liking!

(Enter Donny Osmond)

Music 16 Puppy Love – Donny Osmond

Narrator:         Ahhhh. That’s more like it. Donny Osmond here, and this other nice young man, David Cassidy.

(Stage invaded by screaming fans, chasing Donny and David off)

Narrator:         Hmmm. Shame about the fans! Still, things did seem to be getting quieter!

Music 17 Come on Feel the Noise – Slade

Narrator:   Oh no. Just when I thought things were getting better. These boys! What we need are some nice young ladies.

Music 18 Can the Can – Suzi Quatro

Narrator:         Help!

Bob Marley:    Hey man. Take a chill pill. We weren’t all crazy in the 70s you know. Try a little reggae to sooth your brow, bro’!

Music 19 Jammin’ – Bob Marley

Narrator:         (Swaying)                    Ah, that’s better, man. (Suddenly remembers where he is). Ooops! Sorry. I could really get into this Chillin’ Ting!

(Enter Sex Pistols)

Music 20 God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols

(Queen sits in state of total shock)

(Narrator rushes over to queen and offers her handkerchief to mop her brow)

Queen:                        Well! I’m not often lost for words but ….

Narrator:         (Effusively) I’m so sorry, Your Majesty! I had no idea this punk band were performing here today! Whatever next!

Music 21 Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Narrator:         Ah! Queen!

Queen:                        Pardon?

Narrator:         No, that’s the name of the band, Your Majesty!

Queen:            What? Named after me? Ah, splendid! (Looks quizzically at Freddie Mercury’s black leather trousers) Mmm. Not quite sure about the trousers ..

Music 22 Baggy Trousers – Madness

Queen:            Ah! That’s better! Now. How about a few more current events. Where were we? Ah yes! The seventies!

(Enter 1970s children, holding up cards)

Child 1:            1971: Decimal currency is introduced in Britain.

Cast:                (Together) Phew! Maths lessons now much easier!

Child 1 (1971 continued): And Soviet Union launches first space station, Salyut 1.

Child 2:            1973: Coal miners strike in Britain. State of emergency and 3 day working week are proclaimed.

Child 3:            1976: Concorde flies!

Child 4:            1977: Star Wars becomes most successful film of the decade.

Child 5:            (Holding test tube with tiny doll inside) 1978: First test-tube baby is born in Britain. Wish my baby brother was as quiet as this one!

And cinemas everywhere rock to the sounds of Grease and

Saturday Night Fever.

Child 6:            1979: First Woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.


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