Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly KSII


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly KSII


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly KSII

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly KSII script has been tweaked from Queen’s Diamond Jubilee script reflecting the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family, achievements etc over 70 years.

Cast of 30

Duration around 20 minutes

This is one of four scripts now available on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The other three are:

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Assembly for KS I
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee assembly on the years 1952 – 2022 is an adaptation of my History of Rock n Roll assembly. This covers world events but with a musical twist (up to 34 suggested songs!)
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee assembly on the English Monarchy – this being a quick gallop from Alfred to our present queen!

Sample Text

Music 2 National Anthem – God Save Our Queen

(All stand up)

Queen:                 (To Audience) Do be seated! Ah, how wonderful to be surrounded by my loyal subjects – the same today as seventy years ago!

Narrator:             Well, some of us haven’t been around quite that long, no offence, your Majesty! But we are here today to congratulate you on your seventy years as queen!

Queen:                 Thank you. I have of course celebrated three other jubilees – a silver one in 1977 celebrating twenty-five years, a golden one in 2002 celebrating fifty years; and a diamond one in 2012 celebrating sixty years.

Narrator:             And we are delighted to be celebrating your Platinum Jubilee with you today, in 2022!

Queen:                 Oh the pleasure is all mine! It wouldn’t, after all, be any fun celebrating on one’s own!

Narrator:             No, indeed, Ma’am. And we, your loyal subjects, have been busy finding out all about your most gracious self!

Queen:                 Oh, really? I hope it’s all ‘good’!

Narrator:             Most certainly, Ma’am. No need to alarm yourself on our account! Do take a seat – I apologise we couldn’t fit your throne in today!

Queen:                 (Sitting down) That’s quite alright!

Narrator:             So (turning to cast) – take it away, people!

(Each child stands up in turn and delivers information about the queen)




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