Royal Wedding Assembly Harry and Meghan


Royal Wedding Assembly Harry and Meghan


Royal Wedding Assembly of Harry and Meghan .

Duration: around 10 minutes (not including music suggestions) 

This  Royal Wedding Assembly of Harry and Meghan has a Cast of 30. The content of this production focuses on Harry’s ancestors and leaves one wondering if Meghan has been fully ‘prepped’ on the royal family. With all its highs (Alfred the Great?) and lows (toss up between King John and Richard III maybe!). Maybe its just as well she isn’t fully acquainted with her predecessors, or she might think twice about that walk down the aisle!

The script comes with a complete listing of English Monarchy

Narrator:  Good morning and welcome to our assembly on The Royal Wedding. Now, we all know what a busy time this is for the royal couple – especially for Meghan. With all that looking for the right dress, booking the hairdresser, finding the best flower lady …. My, has she got her work cut out! So, we thought – there’s no way this royal bride will find time to read up about the family she is marrying into. That’s why we took it on ourselves to do the hard work for her! Don’t you think she’ll be pleased? I mean,  who knows what Harry might not have said about his ancestors? And don’t we all agree, a girl does have the right to know.  Certainly, before she takes that long walk down the aisle? So, for those of you, along with Meghan, interested in the royal family,  start listening now! You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn!

This morning we’ll kick off with the present day royal family – the House of Windsor. Starting with

Child 1:                 (Holding up a picture of Harry) Harry!

Narrator:               Ah! The bridegroom himself! Let’s hear it!

Child 2:                 Harry is the second son of (holds up picture) Charles, the Prince of Wales – now married to Camilla.

Child 3:                 (Holding up picture) Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was tragically killed in a road accident in 1997.

Child 4:                 (Holding up picture) Harry has an older brother, William. It was only a few years ago that Harry was best man at William’s wedding. William married Catherine Middleton 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey; whereas Harry and            Meghan will be ‘tying the knot’ at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in May 2018.

Child 5:                 Harry and William have a rather important grandma – the Queen!

Child 6:                 Queen Elizabeth the second is married to the Duke of Edinburgh and has four children

Child 7:                 Prince Charles, Harry’s dad

Child 8:                 Prince Andrew, the Duke of York

Child 9:                 Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex

Child 10:               And a daughter, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.

Narrator:               All fine representatives of the monarchy – but was it always thus? We looked at some examples of good and bad monarchs and drew our own conclusions! Starting with

Child 11:              Alfred the Great!



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