Cinderella Play Tolerance


Cinderella Play Tolerance


Cinderella – an assembly on understanding ourselves a little better!

Cinderella – an assembly on understanding ourselves a little better! is an alternative Cinderella assembly for schools is based on a PSHE unit of work – on how understanding one another’s perspectives can help resolve the conflict. Whilst based on the fairy tale it has a somewhat different ending!

Cast of 30 – easily adapted up or down; likewise with duration – reading time approx 10 minutes (plus music suggestions – taking assembly time to around 20-30 minutes)

N.B. This script has a few Christmas references – it is included in the Christmas collection under the title Cinderella Christmas Play. These references are minimal – at the beginning and the end – so could easily be omitted should the script be required minus Christmas element.

Sample Text

Narrator:             Now wait a minute! Wait a minute! This is all very touching but …. It wasn’t so very long ago that you were at each other’s’ throats! Where was the love then?

Stepsister 1:       You’re right. P’raps we should explain.

Cinderella:          No, that’s all right. You really don’t need to.

Stepsister 2:       (To Cinderella) Ah, but we do! You see, when my sister and I first met you and your dad, we felt the deepest loathing for you that we had ever felt in our lives!

Stepsister 1:       (To Stepsister 2) You know, you’re right. I hadn’t realised how strongly I felt – against our stepsister here.

Stepsister 2:       And it’s all becoming clear to me now. It was because we saw something between you, Cinderella, and your father here – that we had never experienced ourselves.

Stepsister 1:       Real love!

Stepsister 2:       And can you imagine how that made us feel?

Stepsister 1:       Sick with jealousy, that’s what!

Stepsister 2:       And that’s what made us act so mean towards you.

Stepsister 1:       Can you ever forgive us?

Father:                 I think it’s me that should be begging your forgiveness! How foolish of me not to see what was going on right beneath my nose! (Throws away newspaper) To think worldly events took up my thoughts more than my own family!

Stepsister 2:       So we are (hesitating) as much your family as Cinderella here?

Father:                 Of course you are! Am I right, Cinderella?

Cinderella:          Of course you are, Father! And just in case you have any doubts as to how close me and my sisters are now …..

(Cinderella, Stepsister 1 and 2 huddle together, whispering, before taking their places, centre-stage for final song)

Music 5:               Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves – Eurythmics

(All three sisters sing and dance – chorus and couple of verses)

Narrator:             (Applauding) Bravo! Bravo! Which brings us to a truly happy ending. It looks like this family really will live happily ever after.

Cinderella:          But of course life’s not always like a fairy tale with a fairy tale ending.

Father:                 Some people go through their lives taking their misery out on others.

Stepsister 1:       Which is why it’s so important sometimes to stop and think about why we are behaving in a particular way.

Stepsister 2:       If we are unhappy we should talk about it – not just take it out on others.

Stepsister 1:       Understanding why we are behaving the way we are is half the battle.

Stepsister 2:       Then we can do something about it.

Stepsisters 1 & 2:             (Together) And feel happy again!

Narrator:             And perhaps especially at this festive time of year, we should all be thinking about how we can make ourselves happy – by making others so!

Father:                 And to that end we would like to share the following with you. Take it away, girls!




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