Fairy Tales Assembly


Fairy Tales Assembly


Fairy Tales Assembly

Fairy Tales Assembly or class play is based upon the following fairy tales:

Cast of 30 (easily adaptable up or down)


Around 10 minutes reading time (without inclusion of music suggestions)

Quite an eye-opener this one – for our narrator, at least! It would seem you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – well, certainly not when you’re dealing with these fairy tale characters!

I have added this script from KSI collection as I think KSII would also enjoy doing it!

Review from TpT: Comment: “Great resource”

Rating: 4.0 (out of 4)

Fairy Tales Assembly Sample Text:

Music 6 Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

(Wolf suddenly jumps out from hiding, bringing cheerful singing to an abrupt halt)

Wolf:                                     (Grinning) Ha! Not so full of yourselves now, huh?

Little Pig 1:                          (Hiding behind Little Pig 3) You don’t frighten me!

Little Pig 2:                          (Hiding behind Little Pig 3) You can’t bully us!

Wolf:                                     (Laughing) Oh really?

(Wolf lets out a huge growl and all three little pigs ‘run for their lives’)

Wolf:                                     (Laughing) Whose afraid now?

Narrator:                             Now, that really wasn’t very nice of you!

Wolf:                                     (Repeating, incredulously) Nice of me? Whoever heard of a nice Big Bad Wolf?

Narrator:                             But you’re not really big and bad, are you?

Wolf:                                     Of course not! But (pointing to the audience) I have to keep this lot happy, don’t I?

Narrator:                             You mean, being big and bad is what is expected of you?

Wolf:                                     Of course! It’s all an act!

Narrator:                             (Clapping) Well, you’re very convincing! And (looking at audience) I for one am mighty relieved he’s not as bad as you all think he is!

(Wolf shakes hands with the narrator, growls savagely at the audience, and exits)

Narrator:                             Ah! I do so love happy endings! Me still being alive, that is!

(Narrator looks through notes, nearly jumping out of his/her skin as next group appears)

(Enter Three Bears – Mummy – 1; Daddy -2;  and Baby – 3)

Bear 1:                                  Hey! Why so jumpy?

Bear 2:                                  What’s up, bro?

Bear 3:                                  (To other two) I think someone needs a bear hug!

(All three bears give narrator a bear hug)

Narrator:                             (Shakily) Well, thank you! That was a little (pauses) unexpected!

Bear 1:                                  Nah! There’s only one baddie in our story!

(Enter Goldilocks, singing)

Music 7 If you go down to the woods today

Bears 1, 2 & 3:                   Guess who?

Narrator:                             (Spluttering) But, but … She looks so

Bear 1:                                  Sweet?

Bear 2:                                  I don’t think so!

Bear 3:                                  (To Goldilocks) Who ate my porridge?

Goldilocks:                          (Hesitating) Well ..

Bear 3:                                  Who broke my chair?

Goldilocks:                          Um ..

Bear 3:                                  Who slept in my bed?

Goldilocks:                          (Spluttering) But … you were all out?

Narrator:                             And that gave you the right to enter private property, eat their food, sit on their furniture and sleep in their beds?

(Goldilocks bows her head in shame)

Bear 1:                                  (To Narrator) Still think she’s sweet?

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