Nursery Rhymes Assembly Extended Version


Nursery Rhymes Assembly Extended Version


Nursery Rhymes Assembly Extended Version – Suitable for KS I and II or as a collaborative effort between the  two.

Cast of 25 – easily adjusted up or down

Duration – 15 – 20 minutes

Nursery Rhymes Assembly Extended Version.This is the original 10 Nursery Rhyme script (Nursery Rhyme Assembly for Key Stage I) with another 10 added on (Please note – the first half of this extended assembly is taken from the original script of 10 – so do not buy both scripts!)

I have suggested that as 20 nursery rhymes may be deemed a few too many for Key Stage One, this script could actually be used by Key Stage II – or even a mixture of the two key stages, in collaboration.

Of course, the option to take out as many nursery rhymes as you like is there, so reducing script to a perhaps more manageable length.

An Assembly on Nursery Rhyme Origins (KS II) has just been added – another 10 Nursery Rhymes plus information on their meaning.

Nursery Rhymes Assembly Extended Version Sample Text

(Whole cast recites/sings rhyme)

Hot cross buns!

Hot cross buns!

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot cross buns!

If you have no daughters given them to your sons

One a penny, two a penny,

Hot cross buns!

(Exit Baker with empty tray)

Narrator:             Well, really! Just because I didn’t have any money!

(Enter mother carrying a baby; mother continues to hold and rock baby during recital/singing of this rhyme)

Hush a bye baby

On the tree top.

When the wind blows

The baby will rock.

When the bough breaks

The cradle will fall.

And down will fall baby

            Cradle and all.

(Exit mother carrying baby)

Narrator:             (Sighing with relief) Phew! I’m so glad that one wasn’t acted out!

(Whole cast jumps to their feet)

Narrator:             Oh oh! Something tells me this lot (pointing to cast) want some action!

(Whole cast recites rhyme whilst doing all the actions; or ten children performing at the front)

One, two,

Buckle my shoe;

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