Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly or Class Play


Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly or Class Play


Ancient Greek Myths Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly or Class Play

Ancient Greek Myths Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly script is also available with Guided Reading Script of the same name i.e. as a ‘bundle’; and is ‘visible’ in the Ancient Greeks Section of the website where the other Ancient Greek Myth Assemblies are.

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration – around 10 to 15 minutes reading time (around 20 with addition of music)

Ancient Greek Myths Odysseus and the Cyclops Assembly Sample Text:

Poseidon:                    Oh I’m sure it is! So you stopped off at my son’s island for a bit of a holiday?

(To audience) I’ve heard the Greek islands are a favourite holiday destination. Island hopping, I believe you call it?

Odysseus:                    Well, that was hardly our intention. We wanted to get home.

Ancient Greek 6:         But stopping off for a bit of a rest did make sense.

Ancient Greek 7:         Though it didn’t turn out to be quite the holiday we expected!

Ancient Greek 8:         Stuck in the back of that cave

(Enter Polyphemus, finding his way to the group, with the aid of a white stick)

Polyphemus:                (Bellowing loudly) My home!

Ancient Greek 9:         Hardly the best that Airbnb have to offer!

Polyphemus:                (Bellowing angrily) Pardon? There’s nothing wrong with my cave I’ll have you know!

Ancient Greek 10:       Nothing at all – until you get your head bashed against one of the walls! I was the first to suffer at your hands

Ancient Greek 11:       And I the second!

Ancient Greek 1:         And I the third!

Ancient Greek 2:         And I the fourth

Ancient Greek 3:         And I the fifth

Ancient Greek 4:         And I the sixth!

Poseidon:                    (Tutting) Son! Really! That was rather greedy, even by your standards!

Polyphemus:                (Muttering sulkily) But I didn’t eat them all in one go!

Odysseus:                    (Sarcastically) Oh that was very good of you!

Polyphemus:                Well, thank you!

Poseidon:                    No, I think he’s being sarcastic, son! The lowest form of wit. But something tells me, not quite low enough for you!

Odysseus:                    (To Polyphemus) So come on! What have you got to say in your defense? Surely you don’t want your old man thinking you have the table manners of a monster?

Polyphemus:                (Spluttering) Well, I er,

Ancient Greek 5:         You just fancied a change from lamb stew, right?

Polyphemus:                (Beaming) Oh that’s right! Indeed I did!

Ancient Greek 6:         I expect lamb gets pretty boring night after night?

Polyphemus:                Oh you’re right!

Ancient Greek 7:         So we made a pleasant change to your diet?

Polyphemus:                (Slapping his large belly, fondly) Well, I’d hardly call it a diet!

Poseidon:                    (Groaning) Oh son! How did I produce such a numpty as you?

Polyphemus:                (Looking surprised) Eh? What?

Poseidon:                    Just as well you’ll never have to appear in court!

Polyphemus:                Court?

Ancient Greek 8:         Are all cyclops as stupid as this one?

(Enter Cyclops who line up, glance at each other, scratch their heads, nod, shrug their shoulders and then return to their seats)

Odysseus:                    There’s your answer.


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