Pinocchio class play


Pinocchio class play

Pinocchio class play. A story of redemption and self-discovery – with one small twist! Duration – 40 minutes plus (the script has been divided into 4 plays of approximately 10 minutes each)


Pinocchio Class Play or Assembly

Pinocchio Class Play or Assembly is story of redemption and self-discovery – with one small twist! Small but significant seeing as the whole plot hinges on it!

A cast of 24 plus – may be increased with the inclusion of music suggestions.

Duration: Around 40 minutes plus, with the inclusion of all music suggestions. The duration can, however, be reduced to around 20 minutes if the music is left out.

The script consists of 4 scenes of 5 – 10 minutes reading time, each.

There is a music playlist of 15 songs but the choice of these is discretionary/do not need to be included.

Pinocchio script, a cast of 6, is also available; plus Pinocchio Pantomime which is an adaptation of this script i.e. lots of terrible jokes and a larger than life Fairy as Dame!

Pinocchio Class Play or Assembly Sample Text:

(Sound of whistleblowing, Pinocchio being chased by a policeman)

(Policeman grabs Pinocchio by his collar and holds him tight)

Policeman:      Hey! Where do you think you are going?

Pinocchio:       (Struggling) Let go of me! I’ve done nothing wrong!

(Geppetto arrives, puffing and panting)

Geppetto:       (To Pinocchio) Oh there you are! What were you thinking, running off like that?

Policeman:      Ah, I get it. (To Pinocchio) Running away, were you? Hmm. I wonder what from!

(Policeman lets go of Pinocchio and grabs Geppetto by the collar instead)

Policeman:      Gotcha! And such a sweet-looking old gent!

(To audience) They’re always the worst, the innocent looking ones! I just happen to know this due to my long and, it has to be said, quite remarkable service in the police force. Huh! Nothing escapes this hand of the law!

(To Pinocchio) Go home, sonny!

(To Geppetto) And you can come with me! To the nick!

(Exit Policeman holding Geppetto; Pinocchio goes off in opposite direction)

Narrator:         (To Audience) Well. You’d think any normal, decent, loyal, loving son would protest just a little more on his father’s behalf, wouldn’t you? After all, Geppetto was totally innocent and certainly didn’t deserve to spend a night behind bars.

(Enter Pinocchio, yawning and stretching)

Narrator:         Let’s watch. Surely there will be some signs of remorse. (Pauses) Some tiny show of concern for his father?

Pinocchio:       Well, that was a strange turn of events. (Pauses) Ah well, time for bed!

(Narrator gasps and shakes his head)

(Enter Cricket, wearing ‘happy’ colourful clothes)

Cricket:            Hey! What about your poor dad?

(Pinocchio spins round and nearly trips over the cricket in surprise)

Pinocchio:       A talking cricket? Whatever next!

Cricket:            And one you would do well to listen to!

Pinocchio:       Oh really? (Pauses) Nah! I don’t think so! I’m tired and want to go to bed!

Cricket:            But what about your father? Surely you are worried about him? He’s an old man.

Pinocchio:       And that’s my fault? No. I didn’t ask to be ‘chiselled’ into this world. I just found myself here.

Cricket:            But surely you don’t want to stay a wooden puppet forever?

Pinocchio:       I have options?

Cricket:            Of course. We always have choices in life. It’s up to us to make the right ones.

Pinocchio:       But how will I know what is right?

Cricket:            Well, that’s where I come in. I’m your conscience! I’ll help you find all your good qualities

Pinocchio:       Such as?

Cricket:            Well, let’s start with being honest. Telling the truth. Not lying.

Pinocchio:       (Aside) Oops. Something tells me that one could be a bit of a challenge!

(To Cricket) Hey, listen – sweet, caring cricketty creature that you are. I am rather tired and

Cricket:            Oh, but you have to listen. I am here to help

This script was requested by a Community Theatre group in Australia, aged 8-16 years, who had previously used my other alternative fairy tale scripts – casts of 6 – combined into one production which was a huge success. The producer has kindly given me permission to share photos of the children performing Grimm Fairy Tales – A Re-Telling:

  • Rapunzel
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Hansel & Gretel


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