Sherlock Holmes and the Great Mysteries of the World Assembly


Sherlock Holmes and the Great Mysteries of the World Assembly


Sherlock Holmes Assembly and the Great Mysteries of the World 

Sherlock Holmes Assembly and the Great Mysteries of the World, In the hands of the great Sherlock Holmes, how can there be so many great mysteries of the world still unsolved? Read on!

A cast of 30. Reading time around 10 minutes.

7 Mysteries to solve!

·         King Arthur

·         Building of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

·         Stonehenge

·         Lost Minoan Civilization

·         Eldorado

·         Loch Ness Monster        

          Bermuda Triangle   

Sherlock Holmes Assembly Sample Text:

(Silence ensues as Narrator, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson await next ‘mystery’)

Narrator:         (Impatiently) Next!

(More silence)

(Narrator looks through his notes in agitation)

Narrator:         Now, let’s see. That Minoan Civilization! Where have they got to?

Sherlock:         Er, I think that’s just the point! You see, they disappeared around 1450 BC.

Narrator:         What do you mean, disappeared?

Sherlock:         (Mimicking waving a wand) Vamoosh! Gone!

Narrator:         OK so can we lose the crazy wizard act? Or did Arthur leave his Merlin behind?

                        (Enter Arthur Evans)

Arthur Evans: Well, luckily for us, much of the great palace at Knossos remained so we can at least find out lots about how the Minoans lived.

                        Narrator:         And you are?

Arthur Evans: Archaeologist, Arthur Evans!

Sherlock:         Ah, an earthy detective!

Arthur Evans: Yes, you could say that! Not afraid to get my hands dirty!

Watson:          All that scrabbling around in the ground – not quite my cup of tea!

Arthur Evans: Ah but the rewards are great! To unearth all 1,500 rooms of that Minoan palace – to say nothing of the fact that Crete is a delightful Greek island on which to vacation!

Sherlock:         Hmm. I guess it beats the dirt and grime of our Victorian back streets!

Arthur Evans: Indeed. And such a lovely climate. You know

Narrator:         (Interrupting impatiently) Gentlemen! Gentlemen! We are not here to discuss possible holiday destinations! What I want to know is, what happened to the people who built and lived in this great palace that you speak of?

Arthur Evans: Ahh. Now that I can’t tell you.

Narrator:         (Turning to Sherlock) Mr. Holmes?

Sherlock:         Hmm. Again, I can but guess.

(Exit Arthur Evans)

Watson:          Bit like that city of Atlantis, eh sir?

Sherlock:         Correct, Watson! It too ‘disappeared’ – though in the case of Atlantis it cannot actually be proved that it ever existed.

Watson:          Bit like that other city – that city of gold, Eldorado?

Sherlock:         Right again! My goodness, Watson! You have been doing your homework!

(Enter Spanish explorers, shouting angrily)

Explorer 1:      Where is it, then?

Explorer 2:      Don’t tell me I’ve come all this way for nothing?

Explorer 3:      Where’s the gold?

Explorer 4:      It’s got to be here somewhere!

Explorer 5:      If that Hernan Cortes could make himself rich beyond his wildest dreams, then why can’t I?

Sherlock:         Er, small question of Mr. Cortes having discovered and ransacked the Aztec Empire

Watson:          Which existed!

Explorer 6:      And what about that Francisco Pizarro and all his fabulous wealth?

Sherlock:         Again, small matter of Mr. Pizarro robbing the great Inca Empire

Watson:          Which also existed!

Explorer 7:      Blow it!

Explorer 8:      Why didn’t someone point that out to us before we set off on this crazy journey?

(Exit Spanish Explorers)

Watson:          Oh dear! They really should have done their homework before they set off!

Sherlock:         Greed, my dear Watson! Drives many a weak man to stupidity

Watson:          And crime!

Narrator:         Plus that other great ‘lure’. Instant fame!

(Enter two Scottish children, Jimmy and Angus, plus newspaper reporter, holding microphone, and addressing cameraman poised in front of him)

Reporter:        And I bring you viewers today the most exciting news from Loch Ness yet! Earlier today, the famous monster was sighted not once but twice, down on the shoreline. Tell us more Jimmy!

Jimmy:             Och aye! You had to be there!

Reporter:        Well, yes, I’m sure. But I wasn’t! So do tell us what you saw?


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