Speaking and Listening Assembly


Speaking and Listening Assembly


Speaking and Listening Assembly

Speaking and Listening Assembly. A cynic might take the message behind this script to be ‘throw away that mobile phone!’ …. start talking and listening to each other. But that would, I know, please some whilst annoying others  (… but I’ll leave it in anyway!)

This is an assembly attempting to offer a balanced view of the advantages of technology versus its disadvantages in terms of the impact things like mobile phones are having on ‘direct communication’ – trying not to harp on too much about the obvious disadvantage of disturbing the peace and quiet we all seek! (That’s where the monks come in!)

It’s a mixture of light and serious moments – with the normal injection of fun and, in this case, rather ‘obscure’ (make that, dated?!) music suggestions.

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration: 15 – 20 minutes not including music suggestions, but this could be reduced with the omission of poetry suggestions.

Speaking and Listening Assembly. Sample Text

Monk 4:           Oh! I’m so sorry! For making you jump and making you feel awkward. But tell me. What is it you find awkward about silence?

Narrator:         Well, I, er ..

Monk 4:           (Patiently) Yes?

Narrator:         Well, now you come to mention it, I don’t know!

(Enter Monks 1 – 3)

Monk 1:           Could it be that you are just so used to noise and bustle?

Monk 2:           Could it be that everybody is always expected to have something to say?

Monk 3:           Could it be that our society just doesn’t ‘do’ silence?

Narrator:         (Excitedly) Yes, yes and yes! That’s just it! Silence is such a rare thing!

Monk 4:           Aha! And all the more to be treasured, don’t you agree?

Narrator:         Well, I suppose so. (Pauses) It is rather nice to have a bit of peace and quiet. Thank you.

(4 Monks nod and walk off)

Narrator:         But of course there are times when we need to speak (pauses) and be listened to.

(Enter Elderly Lady and Elderly Gent)

Elderly Lady:    Listening is a real skill!

Elderly Gent:   And it’s not one many people have! No one listens to us.

Narrator:         Oh I’m sure they do.

(Elderly Couple laugh)

Elderly Lady:    You think so?

(Enter Silent Disco Dancers, dancing across stage, before exiting – ignoring everyone else)

Elderly Gent:   You see?

(Enter Mobile Phone User 1, talking at the top of his voice, walking across stage and then back again, totally ignoring everyone, before exiting)

Elderly Lady:    You see?

Narrator:         Oh but they’re young!

(Enter I.T. Teacher with her head bent over a laptop – she also walks off without noticing the elderly couple)

Narrator:         (To Elderly couple) You know what? It’s probably because everyone is so busy. They don’t have time to communicate anymore.

(Exit Elderly couple, shaking their heads)

Narrator:         No wonder they look sad. Maybe all this technology has a downside after all. I mean, it’s one thing to be able to speak to people all over the world – but what if nobody is listening?

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