The Listeners Assembly


The Listeners Assembly


The Listeners Assembly – an adaptation of the Walter de la Mare’s poem

Listeners Assembly, how strange yet wonderful to be able to share the poem you’re reading in class, with the characters, but without the teacher knowing!

The Listeners Assembly Cast of 30 (can be easily adapted to a smaller number in class).

Duration – around 15 – 20 minutes reading time.

This script does not come with any music suggestions. The lines of the poem stay true to the original.

Sample Text:

(Miss Twitch suddenly looks very uneasy)

Miss Twitch:    And it has gone strangely quiet in here. As if someone or some people had just departed.

(Miss Twitch starts shaking)

Miss Twitch:    Oh I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to teach anything vaguely spooky. Just look at me! I’m a nervous wreck!

(Child 13 walks over to Miss Twitch and gives her a reassuring hug)

Child 13:          You know what, miss? You should take this as a huge compliment.

Miss Twitch:    Huge compliment? You’ve lost me.

Child 13:          It was obviously due to your tremendous teaching skills that we were able to deliver our lines so powerfully.

Child 14:          Yeah, we really brought that piece of poetry alive!

Child 15:          And that’s all credit to you!

Miss Twitch:    (Not shaking anymore) To me? Really?

Child 16:          Oh yes. We made sure our voices were full of expression

Child 17:          We took care to be word perfect

Child 18:          And we delivered our lines with not so much as a hesitation!

(In the Wings)

Listeners:         (Together) And we provided all the atmosphere!


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