The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Play


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Play


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Play

This re-telling of the original story stays true to the plot – with just a small twist at the end. Oh, and anyone wishing to play the original ‘delightfully wholesome’ Dorothy may be in for a bit of a shock!

There is also a Christmas version of this play – with, as you would expect, a few Xmas additions! This is available as a separate purchase.

Cast of 30 (with some doubling up)

Duration: Around 30 minutes not including the music suggestions.

Also available:

·        The Wizard of Oz Guided Reading Scripts (10 of these, with 6 speakers each; around 3 minutes each – total reading time around 30 minutes

Sample Text:

Wicked Witch:   Now. Where have that little gang of misfits got to? I don’t suppose anyone would miss them!

Narrator:             Whatever do you mean, ma’am? ‘Miss them’?

Wicked Witch:   Oh, haven’t you heard? I’m about to wipe them off the face of Oz! Good riddance I say!

Narrator:             (Gasping) You what? But you can’t!

Wicked Witch:   Oh really? Just watch me!

(Enter Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion)

Wicked Witch:   Ah here they all are! Right on cue! Like lambs to the slaughter!

(Sound of wolves howling)

Wicked Witch:   Bring on the wolves!

(Enter wolves – who are then all ‘knocked out’ by Tin Woodman)

(Whole cast cheers, as Tin Woodman waves his axe triumphantly)

(Exit wolves, rubbing their heads)

Wicked Witch:   (To Tin Woodman) Hey! That’s no way to treat my pets! I’ll report you to the RSPCA!

(Sound of Crows ‘cawing’)

Wicked Witch:   Bring on the crows!

(Enter crows. Scarecrow pulls a silly face and they all retreat in terror)

(Whole cast cheers, as Scarecrow struts up and down triumphantly)

Wicked Witch:   Hey! What happened to my crows?

Narrator:             (Pointing to Scarecrow) Well, he is a scarecrow, remember?

(Wicked Witch stamps her foot in disgust)

(Sound of bees buzzing)

Wicked Witch:   Bring on the black bees!

(Enter bees. Each ‘stings’ Tin Woodman then ‘drops down dead’)

(Whole cast cheers as Tin Woodman struts around victoriously)

Wicked Witch:   (Shrieking) Now what? What has happened to my black bees?

Narrator:             Er, I think you’ll find they just all died. Isn’t that what bees do, once they have stung?

Wicked Witch:   (Shaking fist) Drat! And double drat! Why didn’t I think of that?

(Sound of marching feet)

Wicked Witch:   Bring on my Winkie Soldiers!

(Enter Winkie Soldiers, marching purposefully towards ‘the group’)

(Lion lets out a huge roar and the soldiers all panic and run away in terror)

(Whole cast cheers as Cowardly Lion struts around triumphantly)

(Wicked Witch screams her dismay)

Wicked Witch:   Right! That’s it! You’ve asked for it this time!


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