Assembly on Buddhism


Assembly on Buddhism


Assembly on Buddhism

Assembly on Buddhism. What could the teachings of thousands of years ago have to do with our modern day lives? Answer: Everything!

This assembly covers The Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path with a relevance to today’s problems that make this script as appropriate to the PSHE section as to this on religions.

So simple the basic message behind this assembly but so true – slow down and appreciate what you have. We live in a world obsessed with consumerism and material possessions – does this make us happier? We spend our lives dashing around – to what effect? Just some of the questions raised and hopefully answered in this script.

Unlike my other assemblies on religions where I have gone into such information as to how the religion is worshipped and where. Assembly on Buddhism  script is more about the application of Buddhism to the young of today. Further information can, of course, be added e.g.

Buddhism comes from the word ‘budhi’ which means to awaken.
All began around 2,500 years ago when the Buddha aged 35 was himself awakened or enlightened.
The Buddha was a man named Siddhartha Gotama – born into a royal family in India 563 BC. He turned his back on riches and took up a life helping others to find their way i.e. teaching the principles of Buddhism, till his death at 80.
The preaching of the Buddha is contained in the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path
A cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down (Narrator plus 29 speakers)

Duration – around 15 minutes

Assembly on Buddhism Sample Text

(Child 5 walks over to Child 1, 2, 3 and 4 – each in turn)

Child 5:           (Presenting Child 1 with mobile phone) Here! Is this what you were looking for?

Child 1:                 Oh thank goodness! You just saved my life!

Narrator:             (Laughing) Er, I think that’s a slight exaggeration!

Child 5:                 Sadly, probably not! This person’s life revolves around their mobile. Take a look!

(Child 1 stands up and walks around, alternately using phone to speak, talking at the top of his/her voice; and sending text messages – eventually bumping into Narrator and Child 5)

Child 1:                 Oops! Sorry! Didn’t see you there!

Narrator:             (Sarcastically) Well, there’s a surprise! But I suppose if it was something important you had to send

(Child 5 falls about laughing; then takes mobile off Child 1 and reads out text message)

Child 5:                 ‘Bit of a lie in this morning. Toast for breakfast. What’s up with you?’

(Child 5 gives mobile back to Child 1)

(To Narrator, sarcastically) Yeah, really important!

(Child 1 snorts and returns to seat)

(Narrator shrugs and pulls a face)

Narrator:             How strange! What an odd way to start your day!

Child 5:                 Huh! You think that’s strange?

(Child 5 walks over to Child 2)

Child 5:                 (To Child 2) So. Did you get to your appointment?

(Child 2 looks confused)

Child 2:                 Appointment? What appointment?

Child 5:                 Well, what was all that ‘Oh I’m going to be late!’ fuss about?

Child 2:                 (Remembering) Oh that! Yeah, I didn’t want to miss the first five minutes of *‘Britain’s Got Talent’!

Narrator:             (Gasping) You mean – all that drama because of missing some t.v.?

Child 5:                 Correct!

(Child 5 takes Child 2 back to seat; and gestures for Child 3 to stand up; and then changes his/her mind)

Child 5:                 (To Child 3) Actually. You know what? I can sympathise with you! You can stay seated!

Narrator:             Quite right. All that noisy music we have to put up with!

Child 5:                 But that’s just it! We shouldn’t have to put up with noisy music – not if people had a bit more consideration for others. If you like your music loud, put some head phones on! That way the rest of us can keep our peace and quiet!

Narrator:             You’re right! Technology does have its uses!

(Child 4 stands up and waves her bags around angrily)

Child 4:                 But sometimes you just have to put in the legwork!

(Pushing Narrator and Child 5 out of the way)

Narrator:             (Angrily) Excuse me! What’s your rush?

Child 4:                 (Sarcastically) Oh just the small matter of saving myself 20% down the local sales!

Child 5:                 Just a thought but – 20% off what and for what?

(Child 4 looks thoroughly confused)

Child 4:                 (Shrugging) Well, how should I know?

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