Character Assembly What it Takes to be Good


Character Assembly What it Takes to be Good


Character Assembly – What it Takes to be Good

Character Assembly – What it Takes to be Good is a class appraisal of one of their mates – needless to say, a very popular, much loved one! It deals with ‘what qualities maketh the man’ – or boy in this case; though that is not to say a girl cannot, of course, equally be put forward as a class role model!

In addition to this ‘list’ of positive character traits, there are also a selection of quotations – and the optional inclusion of If – Rudyard Kipling with the suggestion that this poem be adapted to the qualities covered in the assembly.

There is a Christmas and New Year version of this script both available off the website (in Christmas and Calendar Dates Assembly sections)

Cast Size Written for a class of 30 but this number can be easily adapted up or down. Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes reading time (not including music)

Character Assembly Sample Text

Class Teacher: He’s beginning to sound suspiciously like a saint!

Child 18:          Oh no, Miss! As we’ve said

(Muttering) Weren’t you listening?

Toby is full of faults – like the rest of us.

Child 1:            You can say that again! I mean, nobody is perfect

(Laughing) Not even me!

Child 18:          And that’s another reason we love him – he can laugh at himself. He doesn’t always take himself seriously.

Child 19:          He’s the kind of person you can go to because he’s so approachable.

Child 20:          Yeah. He has such a warm, sunny disposition

Child 21:          And you know he’s not going to judge you. He accepts you as you are.

Child 22:          Which isn’t to say he’ll always agree with you. Toby is his own person. If he believes in something, he’ll follow it through to the end.

Child 23:          It doesn’t matter what you say. He won’t be put off! He’ll just dig his heels in and get the job done!

Class Teacher: Now that’s what I call a good use of time and resources. Someone who has goals and sticks to them.

Child 24:          Oh he does that, all right! I’ve never seen anyone put their back into things like Toby does.

Child 25:          And he does it all with such enthusiasm!

Child 1:            Well, there’s no point doing things by halves!

Child 24:          Oh there’s no way you’d ever do that! I think they call it giving it one hundred percent. More like one hundred and one in your case!

Child 1:            Well, I always say, if you’re going to do something, do it well!

Child 26:          And with a smile!

Child 1:            Well, why would you do it grudgingly?

Class Teacher: Oh you’d be surprised! There are so many people who don’t ‘do’ full stop!

Child 1:            Really?

Class Teacher: Really! You get these people who sit around thinking fine thoughts, and saying fine things. But they often end up doing absolutely nothing!

Child 1:            (Laughing) I guess we all know people like that. But

Class Teacher: (Interrupting) No buts! Life is about doing. It’s in doing that we make a difference.

Child 27:          But it’s also important how we do it. Going back to Toby here, he would never do anything to upset anyone. He’s sensitive and kind and those are two qualities that you just can’t put a price tag on!

Child 28:          He’ll always take people’s feelings into consideration

Child 29:          But that doesn’t stop him from standing up for what he believes in.

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