Dance Around the World Assembly


Dance Around the World Assembly


Dance Around the World Assembly

Dance Around the World Assembly. What teacher in their right mind would allow their class to choose the theme for their class play?  This one did with life changing consequences! (Though you have to ask yourself, how could you possibly fail with a playlist of tunes that everybody wants to get up and dance to?!)

As the title suggests, the focus of this script is Dance! And dance around the world in all its wonderful diversity. As a dance instructor myself I have to confess that this script – or rather, the writing of – whilst proving horrendously difficult in terms of sitting still long enough to produce it! – was indeed a labour of love.

I do hope children the world over get as much fun performing this one as I did writing it! It has a playlist I would be happy to take into any one of my classes!

Cast of 30. Duration around 20 minutes (though with inclusion of full playlist this could potentially go up to 60 minutes plus!)

Dance Around the World Assembly Sample Text

Narrator:         (To Audience) As you may or may not have gathered, this assembly is on

Music 2 Boogie Wonderland – Earth Wind and Fire (opening lines: Dance! Boogie Wonderland x 2)

(Whole cast jump to their feet and dance, shouting out ‘Dance!’ as it occurs in the song)

(Narrator frantically waves hands for music to stop and for cast to stop dancing)

Narrator:         (Clasping head) Oh my goodness! What madness made me allow my class to choose the theme of this assembly! There I was thinking ‘Quantum Mechanics’, ‘History of the Universe’ (pauses) but no – Dance it had to be!

Child 1:            But sir, everyone loves dance!

(Whole cast):   (Together) We love dance!

Child 2:            There can’t be anyone in this room who doesn’t love dance!

Narrator:         Oh really? Well, it just so happens …

Child 3:            Dance is something that is enjoyed the whole world over!

Child 4:            Like we just heard

Music 3 – clip from Dancin in the Street – David Bowie and Mick Jagger

(Whole cast stands up, singing and swaying)

Whole cast:     (Singing) All we need is music, sweet music.
There’ll be music everywhere.
There’ll be swinging and swaying and records playing,
Dancing in the street.

(Narrator looks on in bemusement – standing absolutely still)

(Child 5 goes over to him and tries to ‘get him to join in’)

Narrator:         No! No! You lot dance as much as you like! But me? I’ll just watch, thank you very much!

(Child 5 shrugs and walks back to his/her place)

Narrator:         Now then! I know I agreed to have ‘Dance’ as our theme

Music 4 – Dancing Queen – Abba (opening chords)

(Narrator marches over to the sound system and ‘turns it off’)

Narrator:         (Angrily) Enough! No more music, do you hear?

(Pointing to Audience) This audience is here today to learn something!

We are still in school, right? (Whole cast nods)

Not in some fancy Hollywood Studio? (Whole cast shake heads)

Right! So let’s get down to business! A little geography, please!

Child 6:            The world is made up of 7 continents.

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