David and Goliath Assembly Cast of 10 Bullying


David and Goliath Assembly Cast of 10 Bullying


David and Goliath Assembly. Cast of 10 Bullying

David and Goliath Assembly. This play may be used as an assembly for performance or as a play within the classroom. Along with delivering the story of David and Goliath, there are brief notes at the end to facilitate further discussion – on the themes of bullying, self-belief and self-strength. There are numerous other scripts on these themes in the PSHE section of the website including one on bullying which could be combined with this script to produce a longer play.

Duration: 5 – 10 minutes reading time (not including music suggestions)

David and Goliath Assembly Sample Text

Goliath:                                Well, let’s see if he can work the same magic (pauses) on the battlefield!

David:                                   Against you? I’m more than up for it!

King Saul:                             But that’s insane!

Servant:                               Yes, begging your pardon, but how can you possibly hope to win (pauses, pointing at Goliath) against that?

David:                                   (Shrugging his shoulders, casually) What’s to prove? He’s just (pauses)

Servant:                               (Interrupting) Big?

Philistine Soldier 1:          (Clapping) Bravo!

Philistine Soldier 2:          (Clapping) So you noticed?

David:                                   Huh! Size isn’t everything!

(Goliath strides over to David, towering above him)

Goliath:                                Oh really?

(David stands his ground, unflinching)

David:                                   Yes, really! You don’t frighten me, you great bully! There’s more to winning a battle than sheer brawn, you know.

Narrator:                             No, I rather fear he doesn’t know. I’m not even sure he understands what you’re saying!

Goliath:                                (Furiously) Understand what you’re saying? What’s to understand, that’s what I want to know!

Narrator:                             Quite! My point exactly!

(David starts to walk away)

Goliath:                                Huh! I knew he wouldn’t stick around! A coward, like the rest of you!

King Saul:                             Oh, don’t be so ridiculous! Look at you! All ready in your battle gear! Does my lad David look ready to you?

Goliath:                                Well, now you come to mention it

King Saul:                             So. If you don’t mind, we’ll just take a short time to get David into my armour and

David:                                   (Interrupting) Oh don’t worry! That won’t be necessary! I’m pretty much good to go!

King Saul:                             But what about some protection? A body shield at least?

David:                                   No, no. That won’t be necessary, either. I know what I need and I’ll be back in a minute.

(Exit David)

Goliath:                                Bah! Just an excuse to do a runner! You wait! There’s no way that wee boy is coming back to take on me!

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