Happy to be Me Assembly


Happy to be Me Assembly


Happy to be Me Assembly

Happy to be Me Assembly. Our narrator sure has a challenge – turning those frowns upside down! But with a little help from the cast (and some seriously bad jokes) he/she succeeds admirably – with joy and positivity coming from the unlikeliest quarters!

This assembly can be performed by Key Stage I or II – there are suggestions in the Production Notes re: simplification for younger children.

Cast of 25 – 30 (Easily adjustable up or down)Duration: Around 15 mins not including music and dance suggestions

See also –  World Smile Day Assembly.

Sample Text

Music 5 I love to Laugh – from Mary Poppins

(4 Grumpy Young People sing above song, laughing throughout explosively)

(Whole cast applauds)

Narrator:             Well. I’m so glad we appear to have converted those grumpy people! But telling a few jokes and having a laugh is not the whole answer.

GYP:                      (Together) What?

Narrator:             No.  (Pauses) You see, getting happy isn’t a problem.

GYG1:                   Yeah. We like it!

GYB1:                   It’s a lot more fun than being grumpy!

Narrator:             But staying happy is a lot harder.

GYG1:                   (Tutting) I just knew there had to be a catch!

(GYP go back to scowling again)

Narrator:             But hey! The good news is

(Pointing to cast)

We can show you how to stay happy!

(GYP all cheer)

Narrator:             There’s really just one thing you have to remember.

GYG2:                   Oh yes?

GYB2:                   What’s that?

Narrator:             Well, it goes back to the title of this Assembly.

(Sound of Music children, S.O.M. 1 – 7, stand up, holding banner Happy to be Me; each steps forward in turn offering a piece of advice)

S.O.M.1:              I’m (points to banner) happy to be me!

Narrator:             I expect you are! Those were lovely ‘favourite things’ you told us about in your song.

S.O.M.2:              Those certainly help. But real happiness comes from within!

S.O.M.3:              You have to learn to love yourself!

S.O.M.4:              All the riches in the world won’t make you happy

S.O.M.5:              If you don’t love yourself.

(S.O.M.6 steps forward, trips, nearly falls over, and then laughs at him/herself

S.O.M.6:              Don’t take yourself too seriously!

S.O.M.7:              It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Narrator:             (Laughing) It certainly is

(Turning to Q1 – 5)

And do you have some more advice?

Q1:                        We do! Like, don’t try to please everyone all the time.

Q2:                        Appreciate what you’ve got.

Q3:                        Don’t wish for what you haven’t got.

Q4:                        Be happy with what you have now!

Q5:                        Focus on what you can do. Not what you can’t.

All:                        (Together) Have fun!

Whole cast:        (Shouting together) Be happy!

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