Twelve New Labours of Hercules Assembly


Twelve New Labours of Hercules Assembly


Twelve New Labours of Hercules Assembly

Twelve New Labours of Hercules Assembly is a kind of spin-off from the Superheroes script – almost a reversal in fact; as whilst in that script it was Hercules trying to make superheroes out of a pretty unpromising cast, this script is about the cast pulling the punches – Hercules struggling along in their wake!

NB: This script is not about the original 12 Labours of Hercules! (This is another script) It is based around a completely different set of challenges – on the kind of ‘admirable qualities’ the cast feels Hercules should have – presenting him with a 12-part self-improvement plan!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration around 15 – 20 minutes not including music suggestions.

This Key Stage II script is in the PSHE section of the website  as it focuses on ‘character improvements’ e.g. humility, courage, mutual respect, upholding what is right, keeping positive, patience, love …. and of course the hardest of all, being happy!

It is also in the Literature and History sections because of its links with Ancient Greek Mythology.

Twelve New Labours of Hercules Assembly. Sample Text:

Child 11:               A start to your self-improvement plan.

Hercules:             My what?

Child 12:               Well, we all feel you are lacking

Hercules:             Me? The great Hercules? Lacking?

Child 12:               (Coughing) If you would allow me to finish? We all feel you are lacking – make that, greatly lacking in some of the qualities you should have as

Hercules:             As a great superhero? I don’t think so!

Child 13:               Actually, I was going to say, as a member of the human race! Your mother was a mortal, right?

Hercules:             Yes

Child 14:               So I’m sure she’d appreciate us trying to improve you!

Hercules:             Huh! How can you improve on perfection?

Music 3 Chariots of Fire theme music

(Hercules strides around ‘looking magnificent’)

(Child 15 walks over to the music and turns it off)

Hercules:             (Indignantly) Hey! What’s the big idea?

Child 15:               I think we all get it! You are Mr Universe!

Hercules:             (Looking very pleased with himself) Well, thank you. I

Child 15:               (Pointing to head) In your head, that is!

Hercules:             (Furiously) Pardon?

Child 15:               Oh do stop saying that! Anyone would think you had a hearing problem!

Hercules:             (Spluttering) I most definitely do not! Everything about my physique is perfect!

Child 15:               Like I said, maybe on the outside. But it’s what’s on the inside that is sadly lacking. But don’t worry, we are going to help fix that!

Hercules:             (Sarcastically) And may I ask how?

Child 16:               You may! All very simple. You just have to complete 12 simple tasks that we set you.

Hercules:             (Laughing) Oh I get it! You are going to give me another 12 labours. Well, you know something? Normally I’d decline but as I’m confident anything you lot set me will be a complete doddle – it’s a Yes!

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