Love Is …. Assembly


Love Is …. Assembly


Love Is …. Assembly

Love Is …. Assembly. This assembly on Love looks at what love means to each of us. Although it was written for Key Stage I it can easily be adapted for use at Key Stage II – the playlist of 10 (suggested songs) will be enjoyed by all ages.

There are Valentines scripts specific to Key Stage II which can be found in the Literature section of the Key Stage II Assemblies section of the website.

Cast of 25 – easily adapted up or down.

Duration – around 15 – 20 mins (potential of doubling this with all music choices)

Love Is …. Assembly Sample Text:

(Enter Child 10, carrying a puppy)

Music 7 Puppy Love – Donny Osmond

Narrator:             Ahh! (Gestures for everyone else to go ‘Ahhh!’)

Who can resist a puppy?

(Exit Child 10 plus puppy)

(Enter Child 11, skipping)

Narrator:             Wow! Great skipping! You obviously love it!

Child 11:               And it’s good for me!

(Exit Child 11, smiling happily)

Narrator:             Yes, any form of exercise is good for you!

(Enter Child 12)

Music 8 Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

(Whole cast singing and dancing)

Narrator:             And why do you love dancing so much?

Child 12:               How can you not love dancing?

(Exit Child 12 smiling)

Narrator:             (Trying a few moves) Well, it is good exercise!

(Enter Child 13, eating large bar of chocolate)

Music 9 Sugar Sugar –  The Archies

Narrator:             Hmm. I’m not sure this is quite so good for you!

Child 13:               Oh, but I just love chocolate! Who doesn’t?

(Exit Child 13)

Narrator:             (Rubbing tummy) Mmmm. Beginning to feel a bit hungry!

(Enter Child 14, reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’)

In Addition:

Awe and Wonder
Being Positive
British Values
Children’s Rights
Citizenship Skills
Coping with Sadness
Mutual Respect
New Year Resolutions
Understanding Others’ Points of View

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