Mutual Respect Assembly


Mutual Respect Assembly


Mutual Respect Assembly – Key Stage II

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration: 10 – 15 minutes reading time (not including songs/music suggestions)

Another class play on ‘Respect’ is available for Key Stage I children.

Mutual Respect Assembly Sample Text:

(Whole team do ‘high-fives’)

Narrator:             Good to see team spirit!

Child 1:                 Oh we have plenty of that! We put in so many hours together

Child 2:                 We sure earn each other’s respect!

(Exit ‘Olympians’)

Narrator:             And that is so important! Just imagine if

(Enter ‘Footballers 1 – 4’: Child 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Music 5 Football Anthem – or theme music to Match of the Day

(Footballers kick ball around, in bored, listless manner before dropping to the ground, for a break)

(Enter Coach – Child 7, blowing whistle; all four footballers jump to their feet)

Coach:                  Hey! Slacking off already? I don’t think so!

Child 3:                 Oops! Sorry coach!

Coach:                  You will be!

Child 4:                 We were just

Child 7:                 (Interrupting angrily) Yes, I could see! I repeat, slacking off! Not on my watch, you don’t! Now, that will be ten extra laps of the pitch for you! Off you go!

(Exit Footballers, grumbling)

Narrator:             Oh dear! That seemed a bit harsh!

Child 7:                 Oh? And you think if I’d strolled on and said, ‘Oh that’s fine. Don’t mind me!  Just keep doing what you’re doing’ – that they’d have one jot of respect for me?

Narrator:             Well, er ..

Child 7:                 Of course they wouldn’t. It’s not my job to pamper them. It is to make them better players. To give them pride in themselves! Nothing like a bit of discipline to achieve that!

Narrator:             Oh I couldn’t agree more! I’m all for discipline.

Child 7:                 And respect!

Narrator:             Oh yes, that as well!

Child 7:                 Nothing like a bit of healthy respect for your team, the opposition and yourself!

Narrator:             Wow! That’s a lotta respect!

Child 7:                 You can never have too much respect, believe me!

(Exit Coach)

Narrator:             Oh, I believe you!

(Sound of arguing voices)

(Enter Child 8 & 9 – two sales shoppers, having a tug of war over ‘wanted sales item’ – dress)

Child 8:                 Hey! What’s the big idea! I had this first!

Child 9:                 No you didn’t! I saw it first!

Child 8 & 9:         (Together) It’s mine!

(Enter Child 10 – store keeper)

Child 10:               Ladies! Ladies! Whatever is going on here?

(Child 8 & 9 continue tug of war over item)

(Child 10 snatches the item off them, Child 8 & 9 falling back in disbelief; before chasing Child 10 off stage)

Narrator:             Oh dear! Where is a policeman when you want one?

(Enter Child 10, chased by Child 8 & 9, chased by Policeman/Child 11 blowing his whistle)

Policeman:          Stop! In the name of the law, stop! Right there!

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