Not afraid of Failure Assembly


Not afraid of Failure Assembly


Not Afraid of Failure Assembly or Class Play

Not Afraid of Failure Assembly. The writing of this script was prompted by something I heard on Radio 4 about how we deal with ‘getting it wrong’. On the one hand, the cover-ups; but worse the lost opportunity of learning from our mistakes. This, of course, applies as much to adults as to children; but I feel very strongly that in many situations in school we deal too much with right and wrong – seeing ‘errors’ as totally negative experiences as opposed to stepping stones to learning – in many cases, totally necessary stepping stones and not ones to (a) be ashamed of or (be) to pretend haven’t happened. Children’s learning should be free of fear, and the word ‘failure’ should be either scrapped for its inherent negative connotations or looked at again – in a positive light.

Cast of 30 (easily adaptable up or down)

Duration – around 20 minutes

Not Afraid of Failure Assembly Sample Text

Child 14:          What we all need to realise is that not understanding and not being sure of yourself is not a weakness.

Child 15:          It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Child 16:          The greatest thinkers in the world will freely admit to not understanding everything.

Child 17:          We should perhaps look at things differently.

Narrator:          (Thoughtfully) You know, I think I’m beginning to agree with you. And I feel rather foolish at the way I was looking at things before. I think your approach is way better.

Child 18:          Which is?

Narrator:          That we should lose our fear of looking stupid.

(Whole cast cheers together in agreement)

Child 19:          Absolutely. It’s all about freeing yourself from that fear.

Child 20:          We should all be free to learn in a fear-free zone!

Child 21:          And that’s all about changing our mind-set.

Child 22:          From a fixed ‘Oh I must only be seen to succeed’ way of thinking

Child 22:          To one that is all about growth – through mistakes!

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