PSHE Guided Reading Scripts


PSHE Guided Reading Scripts


PSHE Guided Reading Scripts – 2 speakers – Key Stage II

PSHE Guided Reading Scripts – 2 speakers – Key Stage IIcentre around butterflies and contain life lessons – hence the PSHE connection

Each around 5 – 10 minutes reading time. This does not include the discussion/question and answer session which could easily round these up to 15 – 20 minute sessions.

  1. How the Butterfly Lost his Bad Temper
  2. How the Butterfly Lost her Dissatisfaction
  3. How the Butterfly Lost his Vanity
  4. How the Butterfly Learned to Fly
  5. How the Butterfly Learned to Fly Higher

The life lessons for each of these is as follows:

  1. Appreciate what you have
  2. Stop ‘wanting’/looking for more
  3. Recognising that external beauty is not everything
  4. Just do it!
  5. The importance of striving/realising your potential

The stories upon which these guided reading scripts are based are available for purchase separately or as part of a combined package (of both stories and guided reading scripts)

Also available off :

The Butterfly that Stamped – from Aesops Fables Guided Reading Collection

Reading Time:   Around 20 minutes, 6 speakers.


KSI Life Cycles Assembly – on the Butterfly (happy to write a KSII script if needed) – this has a FREE set of butterfly, pupa and caterpillar photos – taken from a large collection that I took at recent trip to Butterfly Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London.

Sample Text from How the Butterfly Lost his Bad Temper

Butterfly:             Me too! To think what I used to be like! Thank goodness I met you!

Snail:                     And it was the best day of my life when I met you!

Butterfly:             And to think how rude I was to you? I still can’t believe you didn’t just walk – sorry, slide – off!

Snail:                     And miss out on the best friendship of my life? Oh, I don’t think so!

Butterfly:             But you couldn’t have known that at the time?

Snail:                     Well, no. But then some things, indeed most things, take time. And that’s a good thing!

Butterfly:             Yes, my flitting certainly allowed no time for appreciating what I had – or what I might have, if I only stopped still long enough to see it!

Snail:                     Well, you know, flitting is not such a bad thing. And it is part of your nature.

Butterfly:             True. But you made me see I had to stop, every now and again

Snail:                     (Interrupting) To reflect! Ah that’s my speciality! When you’re a slow mover like me, it’s a lot easier to ‘take your time’!

Butterfly:             Ah! We make the perfect team! I so love our ‘reflecting times’ together!

Snail:                     Yes, it does feel good to put the world to rights!

Butterfly:             But do you remember when we first met?

Snail:                     How could I forget?

Butterfly:             Apart from my rudeness, which I’ve already mentioned, I can’t believe how blind I was – to everything around me!


Snail:                     And to what was inside! You were one very unhappy bug!

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