Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage II


Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage II


Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage II

Superheroes Assembly. Our Narrator has faced some ‘mission impossibles’ in his time but a Superheroes Assembly without … Superheroes? Thank goodness there is always an Ancient Greek superhero around when you need him. But bringing out the ‘super’ in these particular heroes may prove too much of a challenge even for Hercules!

This assembly or class play is loosely based around Twelve Tasks of Hercules, taken on by a cast of phobia-prone and allergy-stricken ‘super’ heroes! Great playlist and great fun!

A cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration: 15 – 20 minutes (without the inclusion of music suggestions)

Please note:

Whilst I normally try to distribute speakers’ lines evenly – so each child has a similar verbal input, it is the case in this particular script that half the cast have largely if not completely non-speaking roles – i.e. just action as in the case of the various monsters that Hercules has to deal with.

Superheroes Assembly. Sample Text:

Music 1 – Holding out for a hero – Bonnie Tyler

(Whole cast file in, in order of speaking, seating themselves along two rows of fifteen seats, facing the audience)

Narrator:         Good morning and welcome to

(Silence as Narrator waits for cast to respond – nothing but a couple of feeble coughs)

(Narrator turns round to face cast, speaking sideways on so that audience can hear)

Narrator:         What’s going on? Where are all my Superheroes?

Superhero 1:   Do you mean, us?

Superhero 2:   If you want a show of superpowers here today, you’re out of luck!

Narrator:         But why? What’s going on?

Superhero 3:   More a case of what’s not going on!

Superhero 4:   ‘Fraid we’re all recovering from colds

Superhero 5:   And not feeling in the least bit ‘superhero-ish’!

Narrator:         (Gasping) Oh no! So what am I supposed to tell this audience?

Superhero 6:   Come back another day?

Narrator:         No, I can’t do that! As you can see, they’re all here!

Superhero 7:   Well, sorry, but even superheroes have their off days.

Narrator:         (Desperately) But not, please, on the day of my assembly!

Superhero 8:   ‘Fraid so!

Narrator:         (Clasping head and groaning) Oh no! This cannot be! What a disaster!

Music 2 Greased Lightnin’ – Grease

(Enter Hercules, performing John Travolta moves)

Narrator:         Well, good morning! (Looking through notes in confusion) This is … er … a bit of a surprise!

(Hercules snatches notes)

Hercules:         Oh you don’t want to bother with those! Let’s go for a bit of good old fashioned spontaneity this morning!

Narrator:         Old fashioned?

Hercules:         Well, maybe a bit more than old. Make that, Ancient. (Pauses) Oh, and Greek!

Narrator:         You mean, Ancient Greek?

Hercules:         Exactly! And who better to represent that magnificent race – than myself, the great Hercules?

Narrator:         Wow! You certainly were a superhero in your time!

Hercules:         I’ll say! I could sure show this lot (pointing to cast) a thing or two!

Narrator:         (Heaving a great sigh of relief) Oh thank goodness for that! You could be just the superhero I need to save this assembly!

Hercules:         I’ll do my best.

Narrator:         Oh, but there’s the thing.

Hercules:         Thing? What thing?

Narrator:         Well, I gather you’re rather used to taking on challenges – single-handed?

Hercules:         (Bracing muscles) Correct! Nothing is beyond me!

Narrator:         Well, that’s amazing

Hercules:         I’m hearing a but ..

Narrator:         But

Hercules:         (Shrugging shoulders) I knew it!

Narrator:         I have to get this lot (pointing to cast) up and demonstrating their superpowers. It is meant to be their assembly, after all!

Hercules:         (Looking at cast and shaking his head) You are kidding me? Did you say (pointing to cast) this lot?

Narrator:         Correct. Fraid they’re not in the best shape at the moment!

Hercules:         (Repeating, incredulously) Not in the best shape? Make that, not in any kind of shape! (Sighing heavily) Oh boy! Have I got my work cut out for me this morning!

Narrator:         Oh, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you! I mean, you can lead by example!

Hercules:         Meaning?

Narrator:         You can show them how it’s done – that is, being a superhero; and then they can follow! Easy!

Hercules:         You reckon? (Looking at cast) Let me tell you something. I don’t know about easy – I’m thinking, about as easy as climbing a mountain! And a very steep one at that!

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