The Good Samaritan Assembly Cast of 10 Kindness


The Good Samaritan Assembly Cast of 10 Kindness


The Good Samaritan Assembly or Class Play – CAST OF 10

NB: This play, cast of 10, is a re-telling of the parable with complementary discussion notes on the bystander effect.

The Good Samaritan Assembly or Class Play (The full-length assembly with a cast of 30 (separate purchase) starts with this same cast of 10 but has an additional 20 speakers dealing with ‘the bystander effect’ with reference to today’s society, delivered via five different scenarios).

This cast of 10 script can be read in around 10 minutes (not including music suggestions at beginning and end).

It is, of course, one of the best-known parables from the Bible and so can be used in an R.E. lesson or for Church and Sunday School activities. It has particular relevance in our world today and can thus be used for PSHE and Citizenship classes – the play acting as an introduction to a lesson on The Bystander Effect with all its implications for us as a society.

The Good Samaritan Assembly or Class Play Sample Text

(Enter Good Samaritan)

Jewish Man:       Oh hello! And who do we have this time? (Groaning) Oh! A Samaritan! Just my luck! There’s no way he’s going to stop!

(Good Samaritan bends over Jewish Man and offers to help him up)

Good Samaritan:              Oh dear! Whatever happened to you? Here, let me help you up.

Jewish Man:                       Well, that’s very kind. And very unexpected!

Good Samaritan:              Whatever do you mean?

Jewish Man:                       Well. You being a Samaritan and me being a Jew. We’re not exactly ‘on the same team’ so to speak, are we?

Good Samaritan:              And since when did ‘being on the same team’ have anything to do with looking out for your fellow human beings? Oh dear, you’ve taken a real beating there. I’m so sorry. Here, let me put some bandaging on those sores.

(Good Samaritan takes bandages from his bag, and pours oil and wine over them)

                                                This should make you feel better.

Jewish Man:                       You are so kind! Thank you so much.

Good Samaritan:              (Laughing) It’s nothing! You didn’t really think I’d leave you here? Just walk on by?

Jewish Man:                       I most certainly did!

Good Samaritan:              (Laughing) Ridiculous! You seem to have lost all faith in your fellow mankind!

Jewish Man:                       Well, let’s just say you just restored it – my faith in mankind, that is. Thank you again.


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