What Do You Want For Christmas?


What Do You Want For Christmas?


What Do You Want For Christmas? – an Assembly on Character adapted for Christmas

What Do You Want For Christmas? This surely has to be the most challenging request Father Xmas has ever received – somebody wants ….. to be a better person! How can he provide this?

Answer: with a little help from his friends – those ever willing elves!  A cast of 30 (easily adaptable up or down)

Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time – not including music suggestions and optional inclusion of poem.

Please note – if you want some seriously bad Elf jokes to ‘add to’ the script (I’m talking quantity not quality here!) then do avail yourself of FREE Christmas Jokes. (If you have any trouble downloading them, just drop me a line and I will send them to you as an email attachment – just in case I forget to do this along with script)

Two other versions of this script are available – for the New Year (New Year Assembly on Character – What does it take to be good?) and a general PSHE one.. Both these scripts are available of this website – Assemblies section.

What Do You Want For Christmas? Sample Text:

Music 1 Proud – Heather Small

(Father Xmas sitting on a stool, next to a pile of presents, in deep thought; suddenly becomes aware of the audience)

Father Xmas:     Oh I do beg your pardon! Fancy not noticing you all sitting there? What was I thinking?

(Enter Elf)

Elf:                          Yes, what were you thinking? (Looking at watch) Have you any idea of the time? Do you realize we have all these presents to give out before midnight?

(Sound of snorting and hooves pawing the ground)

That Rudolph’s getting very impatient!

Father Xmas:     But I’ve just found a Christmas request

Elf:                          (Interrupting) Oh don’t tell me! A train? Robot? Doll?

Father Xmas:     (Interrupting) No, no, no! That would be simple!

Elf:                          So what’s the problem? What does this kid want?

Father Xmas:     He wants … (pauses) … to be a better person!

Elf:                          He what?

Father Xmas:     (Repeating) He wants to be a better person!

Elf:                          (Spluttering) But …. But.. how are we meant to give him that?

Father Xmas:     You know something? I think it’s a wonderful request! Best I’ve ever had!

Elf:                          Well, that may be! But I repeat, how are we going to make him into a better person? We don’t deal in good characters! They’re not something you can make!

Father Xmas:     But we must give him something! He can’t wake up Christmas morning and have no gift!

Elf:                          (Stroking chin) Hmm. That’s true enough.

(Both sit scratching their chins)

(Father Xmas suddenly leaps to his feet)

Father Xmas:     I’ve got it! We need to call in some reinforcements!

(Father Xmas whistles and cast of 28 elves seated behind jump to their feet)

Elves 1 – 28:        (Together) You called?

Father Xmas:     I most certainly did!

(Father Xmas hands a sheet of paper and a pen to Elf 1)

Father Xmas:     (To Elf 1) So I need you

(Turns to whole cast) And all the rest of you

To write down what makes a good person!

Elves 1 – 28:        (Together) What?

Father Xmas:     OK. Let me explain. If you were to make the perfect person – a real role model to the rest of the world – what qualities would they have?

Elf 1:                      (Scribbling) That’s easy! Somebody who doesn’t want anything!

(Everyone looks puzzled)

Father Xmas:     Pardon?

Elf 1:                      Yes, somebody who doesn’t want a present every bloomin’ Christmas! Oh to have a world of children who are happy with what they’ve got!

Father Xmas:     Ah! I see what you’re saying! Yes indeed. It’s not a good thing to always want for more! If only people were content with what they have. Yes, yes! Very good! I like that one!

(All Elves smiling and applauding)

Father Xmas:     But wait! (Pauses) Then …we’d all be out of a job!

(Elves stop clapping and their smiles turn to frowns of concern)

(Elf 2 grabs piece of paper and writes something down)

Elf 2:                      There! No worries, folks! We’re that good at what we do – making things – we’d have no trouble finding another job!

Father Xmas:     Aha! Having confidence in yourself! Excellent! That’s another great one!

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