Babushka Play – A Christmas Story from Russia


Babushka Play


Babushka Play – A Christmas Story from Russia

Babushka Play – A Christmas Story from Russia. This script could be used either for an assembly or as a guided reading script for a group of 7(with accompanying quiz) within the classroom. It is one of a collection Sue Russell is currently writing – the aim of Babushka Play is to have an assembly collection of 20 (one for each day of December leading up to Christmas). These will be sold separately (like this one) or as a set of 4 or a collection of 20. Second in the collection is Poinsettia – A Christmas Story from Mexico; third is a short version of Christmas Carol – A Story from England; and fourth a script on Santa Claus.

Word of warning – if you consider adding some music, and ‘Babushka’ by Kate Bush leaps to mind (as it did in my case) – think again! After reading/listening to the lyrics, I came to the conclusion that Kate had obviously read a different version to the one I had!

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Babushka Play Sample Text

Melchior:             Hush! Hush good people! Let’s not fall out over this! (Turning to

Babushka) Nobody was making fun of your housework.

Balthazar:            No indeed. We have visited many homes in our travels and few have

come close to yours! We were all really impressed with how clean

and tidy everything was.

Caspar:                 But we were disappointed that your housework kept you from travelling

to Bethlehem.

Babushka:           But that’s where you’re wrong! After you’d left, I changed my mind! And

after sorting the place out, and finding some toys for the baby Jesus, I

walked out my front door and set off after you!

Mary:                    Now I’m beginning to understand! You men! Always thinking we can drop everything, just like that! I’m sorry I may have seemed to be criticising you earlier on. I can see now you just needed a little time!

Melchior:             But what a lot of time you could have saved if you had just packed up then

and there! And come with us!

Babushka:           I know. I realise that now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Inn keeper:        But what of your travels? I remember telling you you were too late when you

got to Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph had just left with their newborn.

Mary:                    We couldn’t hang about. Not with that terrible King Herod on the


Babushka:           That was probably the nearest I got to finding you. But I never gave up!

Balthazar:            What an amazing woman!

Melchior:             We three men found it hard sometimes, travelling from place to place.

Inn keeper:        But at least you had each other for company.

Caspar:                 And we were men! It must have been terrifying travelling alone as a


Babushka:           Yes, it did seem hard at first. I had led such a sheltered life. All I had

known were those four walls of my house. I was so busy tidying up,

I never had time for anything else, and I rarely spoke to another person!

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