The Easter Egg Hunt


The Easter Egg Hunt


The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt has a cast Size – 10 or 30 (short and long version within one script – as explained in production notes) or any number in between. The main characters? Clumsy Chicken, Tactless Turkey, Grumpy Goose, Daft Duck, Feisty Pheasant, Greedy Guinea Fowl, Sad Swan, Envious Emu, ‘Onourable Ostrich … and an Easter Bunny called Funny Bunny! A star cast! And with over 20 jokes (not all of them fowl!) – join the crew and find out if Clumsy Chicken can be saved from her fate – as roast chicken!

Duration: 10 – 20 minutes. (10 minutes reading time; addition of songs/music takes performance to around 20 minutes)

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There is a Key Stage I version of this script @ £5.99:  – Clumsy Chicken is joined by 29 feathery friends! The perfect excuse for a mask-making extravaganza!

These two scripts could be combined to add length to either i.e. jokes from the Easter Egg Hunt (KS II) could be added to the Key Stage I script; and additional characters from the Key Stage I script added to the Key Stage II script.

This script has also been adapted for a New Year assembly – New Year Assembly: New Beginnings

The Easter Egg Hunt Sample Text

Child 13:         How do you make a rabbit stew? (Pauses) Make it wait for three hours!

Funny Bunny: (Holding up hands) OK! Enough!

Child 14:         : What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny!

Funny Bunny: (Angrily, and having a quick itch) OK! What didn’t you understand about enough?

Clumsy Chicken:          (Jumping up and down, hysterically, on the spot) And I’m running out of time! Don’t you see? If I can’t give a basketful of eggs to the farmer, I’m …. I’m…

Tactless Turkey:          Roasted? I think that’s the word you’re looking for!

(Clumsy Chicken clucks all the louder)

Funny Bunny:               Now! Now! Don’t panic! Don’t panic! I’m sure help is at hand

(Enter Envious Emu and ‘Onourable Ostrich)

Envious Emu:               (Strutting angrily up and down) Do you know? That peacock bird has been getting right up my beak! All that (demonstrates) flouncing around with her peacocky feathers! It’s enough to make you ill!

‘Onourable Ostrich:    Now, now! You really should try to be less envious of others! Anyone would think your name was

Funny Bunny:               Envious Emu?

Envious Emu:               How did you guess? A bunny with brains! Fancy that!

Grumpy Goose:           Unlike this bird – with very little brain! Maybe it never made it to the top of that neck!

Envious Emu:              Pardon?

Funny Bunny:               (Hurriedly) He was just admiring your long slender neck.

Envious Emu:               No doubt enviously?

Funny Bunny:               Quite so! Now, I hate to hurry you but

Clumsy Chicken:          (Shouting) I desperately need your eggs!

Envious Emu:               Pardon?

Clumsy Chicken:          I really haven’t got time to explain

‘Onourable Ostrich:    Madam! Whatever your problem is, we (bowing) would be delighted to help you!

Funny Bunny:               Now, that’s what I call an honourable ostrich!

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