Harvest Festival Assembly


Harvest Festival Assembly.  PSHE script delivered by 6 speakers but with the option (explained in production notes) of including a whole class of any size.


Harvest Festival Assembly

Harvest Festival Assembly.  PSHE script delivered by 6 speakers but with the option (explained in production notes) of including a whole class of any size. Also available,  Harvest Festival whole class assembly

The 6 speakers are:

  • Narrator
  • Feisty Pheasant
  • Clumsy Chicken
  • Grumpy Goose
  • Daft Duck
  • Tactless Turkey

Harvest Festival Assembly Sample Text

Narrator:                             And so, my friends, what does Harvest Festival mean to you?

Feisty Pheasant:               Well, we see it as a time to offer

(Feisty Pheasant gives Narrator first letter – T –  of word ‘Thanks’, to hold up alongside the remaining letters – H held up by Pheasant, A by Chicken, N by Goose, K by Duck and S by Turkey – spelling out THANKS – At given signal, all cast shouting out this word)


Feisty Pheasant:               Harvest Festival is, after all, a Thanksgiving Festival.

Narrator:                             Ah. I see. (Holding up T)This is T for Thanks!

Tactless Turkey:                                (Sarcastically) My! He’s fast!

Feisty Pheasant:               And you’re just a little rude! One of these days your tactlessness is going to get you into trouble!

Grumpy Goose:                And us with him, knowing our luck!

Clumsy Chicken:               (Sighing) This really is no time for any meanness of spirit.

Feisty Pheasant:               (Impatiently) Quite so! Quite so! But for now, could we please just get on with the matter in hand?

Narrator:                             Thank you! As I was about to say – (Holding up H) H is for Help – as in helping each other.

Clumsy Chicken:               A is for Attitude. (Glaring at Grumpy Goose) Having the right one, that is!

Daft Duck:                           Hear! Hear! Everyone takes everything far too seriously, I’ve always said! Certain folk around here could do with really lightening up!

Tactless Turkey:                (Snorting) Huh! Easy enough for someone like you – who takes life as one big joke!

Clumsy Chicken:               No, that’s not what I meant by ‘right’ attitude. I was thinking more of showing consideration towards others – not just thinking about yourself all the time.

Grumpy Goose:                (Holding up N) Like being a good Neighbour.

Clumsy Chicken:               Right!

Feisty Pheasant:               And that doesn’t just mean being nice to whoever lives next door! It’s looking out for all those people around you.

Daft Duck:                           (Holding up K) And being Kind. The world would be a much better place if we were all kind to each other.

(All look to Tactless Turkey to read his card)

(Tactless Turkey holds up S, but is unable to read the word written on the back)

Tactless Turkey:                Sen ….. Sens … Sensi …. Oh I give up! I’ve no idea what this word is!

(Narrator takes the card and then looks pointedly over at Tactless Turkey)

Narrator:                             Hmm. No wonder you had problems with this one. (Hands it over to Daft Duck) Daft Duck, could you read it out for us?

Tactless Turkey:                (Laughing) What? Are you suggesting that a daft duck could have any more idea than (puffing himself out) me?

Daft Duck:                           That is exactly what he is saying and guess what? He’s right! Only a bird with your lack of sensitivity could fail to see what is right in front of his very nose!

Tactless Turkey:                And that is?

Daft Duck:                           (Giving the S card back to him) Why, Sensitivity, of course!

Tactless Turkey:                (Exploding) Well, of all the …..

(Feisty Pheasant steps over, between Daft Duck and Tactless Turkey who are squaring up for a fight)

Feisty Pheasant:               Now! Now! Let’s not fall out over this!

Grumpy Goose:                (Chuckling) No need to get your feathers all ruffled!

(Others turn to Grumpy Goose, gasping in amazement)

Clumsy Chicken:               Did I just hear Grumpy Goose tell a joke?

Tactless Turkey:                And it was even … quite funny!

Grumpy Goose:                Well, thank you Tactless Turkey. That’s the first compliment I’ve ever heard you utter!

Daft Duck:                           Nice one! Though it’s never good form to laugh at your own jokes, bro’! Take it from the master!

Narrator:                             Well, well, well! Grumpy Goose making us laugh and Tactless Turkey being nice! It’s good to see the spirit of Thanksgiving is having a positive effect on all of us!

(Clumsy Chicken steps forward with a basket full of eggs. Everyone gasps and cover their heads)


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