Noah’s Ark Assembly for Key Stage II


Noah’s Ark Assembly for Key Stage II


Noah’s Ark Assembly for Key Stage II

Noah’s Ark Assembly for Key Stage II A holiday with a difference!  But this cruise safari is guaranteed to test everyone’s endurance  – especially those wives – how will they cope with missing their weekly Keep Fit and Coronation Street?!

Read on to find out!

Cast of 30 – easily adaptable up or down. Duration – around 20 minutes including music/song suggestions. Production Notes cover ways of extending or shortening performance.

There is also available a Key Stage I assembly on Noah’s Ark.

Take advantage of Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer – drop me a line on for details

Noah’s Ark Assembly Sample Text:

God:                     You’re right! I will spare Noah and his family.

Narrator:             Excellent! Then I suggest you have a word with them!

(Narrator steps back)

God:                     Greetings, Noah! What would you say to a holiday? Bit of a change of scene?

Noah’s Wife:      Ooh! I’m in!

Noah’s sons:       (Together) Count us in too!

Noah:                   But what kind of holiday were you thinking of?

Shem:                   A safari?

Ham:                    A cruise?

Japheth:               An adventure?

God:                     (Applauding) Bravo! You’re all right!

(Family look at each other in confusion)

Noah’s Wife:      Er em. How can that be? I mean

Shem:                   A safari

Ham:                    A cruise

Japheth:               And an adventure?

Noah:                   Oh wait a minute. You mean a cruise safari!

God:                     Kind of. Something for everyone, right?

(To Shem) You love animals.

(To Ham) You love boats.

(To Japheth) You love lots of action.

Well, I’ve got the perfect package for you all!

Noah’s Wife:      Well, as long as it’s somewhere near the shops and a decent laundry.

God:                     Ah!

Noah’s Wife:      No?

God:                     Hm. Not really. You see, I am going to send you on a cruise … with a difference.

Noah:                   That difference being?

God:                     Your fellow passengers will be …. animals!

Noah’s Family:   (Together) What?

God:                     Two of each species.

Shem:                   All on one boat? But that’s not possible!

Ham:                    And where from and where to?

God:                     Well. (Pointing to the ground at his feet). From here. To .. (pauses) well, let me see (pauses). Anywhere! It could be … anywhere!

Japheth:               What? But you must know the destination?

Noah’s Wife:      (Tutting) Ooh. None of this sounds very organised to me!

(Aside to audience) Typical man!

God:                     Leave the organising to me! All you have to do is build a boat that will carry the world’s animals!

Noah:                   But what about the rest of the human race? Don’t they count?

God:                     Well, you can ask them. But I’ll lay money on the fact they won’t want to join you!

Noah’s wife:       What? In a boat full of animals? Now there’s a surprise!

Ham:                    But why did you point to the ground, by your feet, when I asked you ‘where from?’ I mean, I might not be the world’s most observant person, but …. (pauses) I can’t see any water anywhere nearby!

God:                     Aha! I was just coming to that bit!

Ham:                    And?

God:                     Well, you see, …

All:                        (Together) Yes?

God:                     There’s going to be a flood!

Noah:                   A flood? How big a flood?

Noah’s wife:       Oh! Just a little water!

(Noah’s wife starts to laugh)

Noah’s wife:       You know. You had me worried there for a moment!

(Noah starts to laugh)

Noah:                   And we all fell for it! Don’t tell me? It’s April Fool’s Day!



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