St. Nicholas Day Assembly


St. Nicholas Day Assembly


Nicholas Day Assembly – Mystery of the real Father Christmas

St. Nicholas Day Assembly. What happpens when St. Nicholas and Santa Claus come face to face? Is there room for two Father Christmases or must one go? Read on to find out!

Although on the surface this is just a light-hearted encounter between ‘the two father christmases’, it could also be used to look at the deeper issue of Spiritualism versus Consumerism at Christmas.

Duration: Around 10 minutes (This could be lengthened by the inclusion of carols and poems e.g. Twas the Night Before Christmas).

Cast of 32 – easily adjusted up or down

Free set of Christmas Jokes available off Specials section of website. For complete listing of Christmas scripts – see Christmas Plays and Assemblies section of website

Nicholas Day Assembly. Sample Text

Narrator:         What a life! No wonder you were made into a saint, just one century after your death!

St. Nicholas:    It is something of a miracle that my popularity has continued. And that I am still going round, giving out gifts, both before and after December 5th.

Narrator:         Which is, of course, St. Nicholas Eve. And you’re busy again, up to and including Christmas Eve?

St. Nicholas:    Indeed I am. So if you’ll excuse me. I have work to do!

(Sound of reindeer bells. Enter Santa Claus on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Santa leaps off and nearly knocks St. Nicholas over with his bulging sack full of toys)

St. Nicholas:    Hey, careful with that sack!

(Mutters under his breath) And with that belly! Somebody has been taking a few extra helpings of Christmas pudding!

Santa:                   What’s that you say?  I happen to think this year’s outfit, like last year’s, is the perfect fit!

St. Nicholas:       So.  Who are you dressed up as?

Santa:                   (Aghast) Pardon?

St. Nicholas:       Well, you’re obviously in costume! What is the name of this jolly elf you are supposed to be?

(Santa turns to Narrator)

Santa:                   Is this guy for real? Does he really not know who I am?

Narrator:             It would seem that way. Perhaps it’s time for some introductions.

(Turns to St. Nicholas)

Narrator:             St. Nicholas, meet Santa Claus.

(Turns to Santa Claus)

Narrator:             Santa Claus, meet St. Nicholas.

(Santa steps forward to shake St. Nicholas’s hand; but St. Nicholas takes a step backwards)

St. Nicholas:       Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Here in the Netherlands, my name has been changed to Sinterklaas. I’m happy enough with that. I am still free to do what I have always done – giving out gifts over the Christmas period. But you? Don’t tell me I have competition!

Santa:                   So you’re St. Nicholas!

St. Nicholas:       Oh, so you have heard of me?

Santa:                   Well, of course! Though I have to say, I never believed  you actually existed!

St. Nicholas:       (Incredulously) Pardon?

Santa:                   Well, you must be getting on a bit now ..

St. Nicholas:       And you hardly look in the prime of life!

Santa:                   (Advancing on St. Nicholas) Now wait a minute! I’ve been civil to you so far – even though you are officially trespassing on my pad …

St. Nicholas:       (Exploding) I’m what?

Santa:                   You heard me. There can only be one Santa Claus!

St. Nicholas:       And there can only be one St. Nicholas!

Santa and St. Nicholas:  (Together) And it’s my job to give out presents!

(Both stand glaring at each other, shaking fists angrily)

Narrator:             Oh dear! It would seem we have a bit of a problem here!

St. Nicholas:       Not at all. (Petulantly) I was here first! A good 1500 years before he was  created – by that Moore fellow!

Santa:                   Hey, you be careful what you say about Mr. Clement Clarke Moore! He does, after all, mention you in his poem, The Night Before Christmas!

St. Nicholas:       Hmph! Originally called A Visit from St. Nicholas, if I’m not mistaken!

Narrator:             Er, I thought you didn’t know anything about Santa Claus?

St. Nicholas:       Well, not strictly true. I had heard stories about this usurper ..

Santa:                   (Exploding) This what?

St. Nicholas:       So yes, I did do a little homework. It seems this man Moore and another, by the name of Thomas Nast, a cartoonist, have a lot to answer for!

Santa:                   What? For bringing a bit of fun into the world? What’s wrong with that?

St. Nicholas:       Well, look at yourself! Hardly a role model for our children! You definitely shouldn’t be trusted with all those candies!

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