Awesome Animal World Record Breakers Assembly


Awesome Animal World Record Breakers Assembly


Awesome Animal World Record Breakers Assembly

Awesome Animal World Record Breakers AssemblyThis script covers the biggest, the smallest, the fiercest, the fastest, the smartest, the longest-living ….. a truly awesome cast!

Cast of 30. Cast size can be easily adjusted up or down by the adding on or taking off the suggested list of animals. Duration. Around 20 minutes not including music suggestions

As with cast size, this can be altered according to the number of animals and amount of information given on each.


Sample Text:

Narrator:                             (Jumping back in alarm) Wow! I didn’t see you fly in!

Komodo Dragon:              (Patiently) That’s because I didn’t! I’m a Komodo dragon from South East Asia. And, just for the record, I neither fly nor breathe fire!

Narrator:                             But you look pretty fearsome, for all that!

Komodo Dragon:              Well, I am the world’s largest lizard and I do have some pretty unpleasant poison and bacteria in my saliva!

Narrator:                             Ugh! Not a nice way to die! I think we’ll have you just sitting nice and quietly back here, where you came from!

(Narrator leads dragon back to his place)

Music 4 Chariots of Fire

(Enter Ostrich, running gracefully in time to the music)

(Narrator holds up hand for ostrich to stop)

Narrator:                             Er excuse me! I hate to interrupt your morning exercise

Ostrich:                                Oh, I can go way faster than that! I’m just warming up! Apart from being the world’s biggest bird, I am also the fastest runner – for a bird, that is! Seventy km an hour!

Narrator:                             Wow! That’s fast (pauses) considering your size!

Ostrich:                                I also lay the largest eggs and have the biggest eyes to watch over them!

(Enter Goliath bird-eater spider – whole cast shrieks and cowers in fright)

Goliath Bird-Eater Spider:             Just as well you don’t live anywhere near me!

Ostrich:                                (Haughtily) South America is a long way from my African home (pauses) but seriously? One stamp from me and you’re history!

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