Marvellous Minibeasts Assembly


Marvellous Minibeasts Assembly This might be about minibeasts but let me assure you there is nothing mini about this assembly! It’s a little longer than my usual scripts


Marvellous Minibeasts Assembly

This might be about minibeasts but let me assure you there is nothing mini about this assembly! It’s a little longer than my usual scripts – let’s just say, I found my cast members way too interesting! I will undoubtedly write some more scripts on them – either as class plays or shorter scripts (group readers) for use within the classroom. I can probably cram more information into these, with quizzes included!

Marvellous Minibeasts has a cast of 30 (easily adaptable up or down) and is around 20 – 25 minutes long. Again, this is a moveable feast and could be double the length if more minis are added!

Sample text:

Sample 1:

Speaker 25:     Beefly!

Narrator:         How very confusing! Couldn’t you decide which one you wanted to be? A bee or a fly? This world of minibeasts gets more and more intriguing!

Speaker 26:     Anyone for cricket?

Narrator:         Hey! I’m meant to be the one asking the questions around here! But I can see quite clearly what you are! A cricket, at a wild guess!

Speaker 26:     Aha! It was a trick question! I’m actually a grasshopper!

Narrator:         But you look just like a cricket – minus the bat and ball!

Speaker 26:     So, let me show you the difference. (Holding up a picture of a cricket and a grasshopper).

Narrator:         Aha! Now I see! Your antennae are much shorter and thicker

Speaker 26:     And I’m active during the day whilst crickets tend to come out at night.

Narrator:         Speaking of which (looking at his watch) we haven’t got all day to deliver this assembly so, who have we missed out?

Speaker 27:     Well, what about all the water bugs, like me a water boatman! Then there are pond skaters and water scorpions and

Narrator:         (Shrieking) Scorpions? I hope we haven’t any of those in here today!

Sample 2:

Narrator:         The number of insects in Britain fell by 64% between 2004 and 2022

Speaker 5:       Shocking! And how do we know that?

Narrator:         Because of the number of insects splattered on vehicle number plates between those years!

(Loud shriek from whole cast)

Narrator:         Oh, I’m so sorry to have read that out to you all. I hope none of your relatives were involved in that carnage.

Speaker 6:       I’m sure they were

(Whole cast hang their heads)

Speaker 6:       But its statistics like these that should make you humans sit up and do something.

Narrator:         What, you mean, don’t drive our cars around quite so fast?

(Whole cast groan in frustration)

Sample 3:

Speaker 16:     I think we all get that! But let’s run through some of the ways in which you can help us.

Speaker 17:     Let’s start with making your garden more insect-friendly! All it takes is to be more relaxed about your gardening. Let the grass grow a bit more and don’t be so sniffy about weeds.

Speaker 18:     Wildflowers (pauses) – let’s call them that – can be just as beautiful as anything you plant; and wild areas of the garden are just what insects love.

Speaker 19:     You could also build a bug hotel – very easy to do with a few bits of wood and things; and think of all the fun you’ll have discovering new species.

Narrator:         You’re right, I would find that fascinating. There are so many of you and you are all so different.

Speaker 20:     And interesting! Go to your local library and find out all about us!

Speaker 21:     And then go on a bug safari! You won’t need a passport for this! Just visit your local park, woodland or school playground. We’re everywhere!




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