Red Squirrel Assembly


Red Squirrel Assembly. How best to describe this assembly – in a nutshell?


Red Squirrel Assembly. How best to describe this assembly – in a nutshell? Well, there’s your clue to the ‘flavour’ of this script though serious issues, such as the red squirrel’s future, are also addressed. And music? Well, number one choice had to be The Nutcracker, of course!

Cast of 30 (easily adjustable up or down)

29 Squirrels plus Narrator

Duration: Around 30 minutes, easily adapted to a shorter or longer version

There is A LOT of information in this assembly, but it should be an easy task to shorten by taking out ‘surplus’ information thus making it perhaps a more manageable length.

Sample Text:

Squirrel 2:            But can I just say – it’s not all down to the grey squirrel!

(Shocked intake of breath from the rest of the squirrels)

Narrator:             Whoever said it was? I mean, I’m sitting on the fence here but (pauses) I didn’t expect to hear that from a red squirrel!

(All eyes turn on Squirrel 2 who squirms in his seat)

Squirrel 1:            (Turning to Squirrel 2) Could it be

(Exploding) An imposter in our ranks!

(Whole cast stand, with fingers pointing at the cowering seated Squirrel 2)

All:                          A grey!

(Narrator rushes over to protect Squirrel 2)

Narrator:             (To Squirrel 2) What are you doing here? Do you not know what a threat you are to these guys?

Squirrel 2:            I know there is a lot of bad press out there, concerning the grey squirrel!

Squirrel 3:            Most of it true!

Narrator:             It can’t be denied that greys have had a lot to do with the red squirrel’s diminishing numbers.

Squirrel 2:            But let’s not forget who brought them over here, to the British Isles, in the first place! Yes, you humans!

(All eyes and fingers turn to the narrator)

Narrator:             Why do I suddenly feel horribly outnumbered?




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