Stepping into Space Past and Future


Stepping into Space Past and Future


Stepping into Space – Past and Future

Cast of 25.

Duration 10 – 20 minutes

This is the last in a set of four plays written about Space. It takes us on a journey through time, from our very beginnings to .. well, read on to find out!

Sample Text

Narrator:         So go on! Impress me! Tell me some things I don’t already know!

Astronaut 2:   Well, what about the fact that our Earth travels around the sun at 66,639 miles an hour?

(Narrator sways violently, and falls onto nearby chair, where he remains seated, listening to following string of facts)

Astronaut 3:   What about the fact that without the Sun’s heat our planet Earth would be minus 270 degrees Centigrade!

Astronaut 4:   But we’ve only got another four and a half billion years before it burns out!

Astronaut 5:   Yikes! Better get a move on with these facts!

Astronaut 6:   Certainly had! In ten billion year years the universe is not only going to stop expanding

Astronaut 7:   It’s going to start shrinking!

Astronaut 2:   It’s due to collapse in fifteen billion years

Astronaut 3:   And in twenty billion

(Sound of Big Bang)

(Narrator rushes back to join Child 1 – 6)

Narrator:         We’re back to where we started!

Astronauts 2 -7:         (Together) One big …. Nothing!

Narrator:         Oh my! I’m not sure I really wanted to hear that!

Astronaut 2:   But it’s not going to happen in your life time!

Astronaut 3:   And what’s to stop you becoming a ‘space tourist’?

Narrator:         Er, small matter of around thirty million pounds!

Astronaut 4:   Hm. Well, maybe someone could smuggle you up there?

Music 5 I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper – Hot Gossip

Astronaut 5:   You could have a word with Sarah Brightman – the first British space tourist planning to go to that International Space Station.

Astronaut 6:   Just one condition.

Astronaut 7:   You have to be prepared to ‘star’ at her ‘space concert’.

(Narrator steps into a Ziggy Stardust outfit)

Narrator:         That shouldn’t be a problem!

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