Paralympics Rio 2016 Assembly


Paralympics Rio 2016 Assembly


Paralympics Rio 2016 Assembly

Paralympics Rio 2016 Assembly covers all 22 sports that the athletes will be participating in, at Rio2016. In addition to this comprehensive coverage, there are references to how some of the special needs of the participants have been accommodated – as in the case, for example, of special equipment and facilities.

Cast size: 30 – easily adapted up or down. Duration: Around 10 minutes reading time; around 20 minutes with music suggestions included.

Paralympics Rio 2016 Sample Text:

(Enter Child 14 – holding Archery, Shooting and Fencing banner  – and Child 15)

Narrator:         Oh my! What do we have here? Bows and arrows? I didn’t realise we were taking part in a Robin Hood production!

Child 15:          We’re not! Archery is a very serious sport, I’ll have you know! Watch and learn! You start by drawing

Narrator:         Oh, an art lesson, goodie!

Child 15:          No, silly! Drawing is when you pull back on the bowstring, like this (demonstrates) and then release your arrow in the direction of your boss.

Narrator:         Now wait a minute! Just because you’ve fallen out with your boss

Child 15:          No and no! No, I haven’t fallen out with my boss – the boss is the black square block to which the target is attached!

Narrator:         (Wiping his brow) Thank goodness for that!

Child 15:          And no, I won’t be releasing any arrows today! Not in this hall, anyway! Far too dangerous! I’ll be off to practise somewhere a little safer – like outside!

(Exit Child 15)

(Enter Child 16)

Narrator:         Oh no! Not more weapons! Isn’t this meant to be a family show?

Child 16:          (Laughing) Now, don’t go worrying yourself, mate! This pistol and rifle here – they are just for sport! Nobody is in any danger!

Narrator:         (Laughing nervously) Well, I knew that, of course! Now, if you’d like to join my archer friend, over there?

(Narrator ‘dismisses’ Child 16 quickly)

(Exit Child 16)

(Enter Child 17)

Narrator:         Now wait a minute, wait a minute! I’ve had bows and arrows, rifles and pistols – and now you come on with swords? Where will this end?

Child 17:          You really do have nothing to worry about. I might look ‘armed to the hilt’ but I’m really quite harmless. All three swords (holds each up in turn) – the foil, the epee and the sabre – are all blunt!

Narrator:         Well, that’s a relief! We don’t want any blood spilt here today!

(Exit Child 17)

Music 4

(Enter Child 18 holding Athletics banner plus ‘large crowd’ of athletes, Child 19-27 – all proceed to demonstrate different events)

(Narrator finds himself jostled to one side)

Narrator:         (Angrily) Whoa! Where did all you lot come from?

Child 18:          Oh, apologies for our numbers here today. We (pointing to Athletics banner) athletes represent the largest sport – over one thousand athletes!

Narrator:         Well, I suppose I should be grateful they didn’t all turn up! But please, one at a time!

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