Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage I


Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage I


Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage I

Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage I. This is a humorous version of the Nativity Play – with some great one-liners … and some seriously bad jokes!

This is the Key Stage I version.

I originally wrote the script for Key Stage II – also available under the same name.

This is the simplified version – almost identical but more accessible to Key Stage I.

The cast includes an ‘all singing all dancing’ cow, three very ‘woolly’ sheep, three short-sighted shepherds (with zero sense of direction), three ‘wise guys’ – and let’s not forget those extremely bad-tempered camels!

And what does the whole cast have in common? They’re all real party people – or should that be party animals as they take up the majority of ‘roles’?!

Complete set of FREE Christmas Jokes also available!

Cast of 30

This number can easily be adjusted, up or down. There are 20 speaking parts plus 10 singers – the Heavenly Host. This group of singers may be increased or decreased/omitted altogether depending on the size of the class.


15 – 20 minutes not including carols, dancing and music suggestions. There is scope for a far longer play, with the inclusion of more jokes and possibly more carols.

Nativity Play! Sample Text

Music 1 Once in Royal David’s City – Carol No. 1

(Children file in, singing this carol, along with the audience)

(Mary and Joseph sitting centre stage, Mary ‘cradling baby Jesus’, Joseph having a nap, with cow  ‘looking on’)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our Nativity.

Let me begin by introducing you to our charming couple,


(Mary stands up and does a little bow)

Narrator:             And Joseph

(Joseph continues to sleep, snoring loudly)

Narrator:             (Coughing) And Joseph

(Mary walks over and gives Joseph a nudge; Joseph leaps to his feet)

Joseph:                Oh my! Is the baby awake?

Mary:                   Well, given your snoring, it’s a small miracle he isn’t!

Cow:                     Er, excuse me? Isn’t that my part?

(Starts singing two lines from ‘Away in a Manger’, swaying in time)

The cattle are lowing,

The baby awakes!

(Baby starts crying)

Narrator:             (Angrily) Oh now look what you’ve done! Couldn’t you have waited? We haven’t got to that carol yet?

Cow:                     (Apologetically, but jigging around) Sorry! I do so love a good sing along!

Joseph:                Don’t we know it! Now …. mooooooove it!

(Cow ‘squeals’ in delight)

Cow:                     Ooh! Happily!

Music 2 I like to Move it – Madagascar

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