Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage II


Nativity Play Welcome to our Party Key Stage II


Nativity Play – Welcome to our Party!

This is the Key Stage II version 

The cast includes an 'all singing all dancing' cow, three very 'woolly' sheep, three short-sighted shepherds (with zero sense of direction), three 'wise guys' – and let's not forget those extremely bad-tempered camels!

And what does the whole cast have in common? They're all real party people – or should that be party animals as they take up the majority of 'roles'?!

This is a humourous version of the Nativity Play – with some great one-liners … and some seriously bad jokes!

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Cast of 30

This number can easily be adjusted, up or down. There are 21 speaking parts plus 9 singers – the Heavenly Host. This group of singers may be increased or decreased/omitted altogether depending on the size of the class.


15 – 20 minutes not including carols, dancing and music suggestions. There is scope for a far longer play, with the inclusion of more jokes and possibly more carols.

Sample Text

Rat:                       What? More guests? Is it just me or is our stable getting a little crowded?

Joseph:                Not at all! Come, join the party!

Chicken:               (Aside) Well! All jolly fine for him to say!

Cow:                     (Aside) Quite! I bet he won’t be clearing up after they’ve all gone home!

Narrator:             Hmm. Time for some more singing, I think.

Cow:                     (Jumping up and down) Ooh yes! You know you can count on me!

Narrator:             No, you’ve had your turn.

(Cow goes into major sulk)

Narrator:             Oh don’t be like that.

Rat:                       Nah! Don’t go all mooooody on us!

Narrator:             Look. It’s not every day a heavenly host turns up on your doorstep. Don’t you think we should let them do this carol?

Angel:                   It has got our name stamped all over it?

(Cow continues to sulk)

Angel:                   Tell you what. You can join in (gesturing to cast and audience) like everyone else. Here we go!

Music 4 Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Carol No.3

(Heavenly host centre stage and leading)

Narrator:             Ah! That was just …. Heavenly!

                              (To Heavenly Host and Angel) Thank you so much!

                              (Shrugging, to audience) Well, how do you follow that?

(Three Camels stand to the side of the stage)

(Sound of knocking at the door)

Camel 1:              Knock Knock!
Narrator:             Who's there?
Camel 2:              Lettuce.
Narrator:             Lettuce who?
Camel 3:              Lettuce in, we're freezing.

Mary:                   (To Joseph) Were we expecting anyone else, dear?

Joseph:                Er, em

Mary:                   (Angrily) What did I say to you about keeping the party list down?

Camel 1:              Knock Knock!
Narrator:             Who's there?
Camel 2:              Figs.
Narrator:             Figs who?
Camel 3:              Figs the doorbell, it's broken!

Inn Keeper:         Shall I let them in? Whoever they are?

Cow:                     Well, it is your doorbell that’s broken!

Rat:                       (Huffing) No wonder the rent’s so low!

Chicken:               Letting the place run into disrepair!

Cow:                     Time we asked for a rent rebate!

(Sound of loud knocking)

Mary:                   (Impatiently) Oh please! Just let them in!

(Enter three camels, looking cross)

Camel 1:              (Spitting) About time!

Camel 2:              (Grandly) Nobody keeps us waiting!

Camel 3:              Outrageous!

(All three spit together)

Narrator:             Well! I’ve heard of ‘getting the hump’! But really!

Rat:                       Such airs and graces!

Chicken:               Who do they think they

Sheep:                  (Together) Baaaaaaaaaa!

Camel 1:              (Incredulously) Who?

Camel 2:              Do we

Camel 3:              Think

All 3:                     We

Sheep:                  Baaaaaaa!

Camel 1:              (To Sheep) Er, that was meant to be a question!

(Sheep look at each other, then try again – raising voices in question-like manner)

Sheep:                  Baaaaaaaaa?

Sheep 1:               Better?

Sheep 2:               That’s the best we can do!

Sheep 3:               Like it or hump it!

(Sheep all laugh at their joke)

Camel 1:              (Angrily) Oh very good!

Camel 2:              (Nastily) For a sheep!

Camel 3:              Not famous for your brains, let’s face it!

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