Pinocchio Pantomime


Pinocchio Pantomime

Pinocchio Pantomime, a story of redemption and self-discovery – with one small twist – well, maybe not so small when the whole plot hinges on it!


Pinocchio Pantomime

Pinocchio Pantomime, a story of redemption and self-discovery – with one small twist – well, maybe not so small when the whole plot hinges on it!

NB: This script is the Pinocchio class play adapted as a pantomime i.e. with the addition of jokes, a larger than life Fairy as the Dame; and the script adjusted accordingly.

Music: there is quite an extensive playlist – 15! The choice of these numbers is totally discretionary.

Cast of 24 plus


Reading time – around 30 minutes not including music or jokes at the end.

4 scenes of approximately 5 – 10 minutes each – more with addition of jokes at the end.

Total performance time: around 40 – 50 minutes plus, depending on how much music is used and how many jokes told. The performance could be reduced substantially with omission of both music and jokes.

I also have a collection of individual pantomimes designed for school production:


This script was requested by a Community Theatre group aged 8-16 years in Australia who had previously used my other alternative fairy tale scripts – casts of 6 – combined into one production which was a huge success. The producer has kindly given me permission to share photos of the children performing Grimm Fairy Tales – A Re-Telling:

Sample Text:

Narrator:         Ah! There you are! At last! The good fairy! We’ve been waiting for you!

Fairy:               Oh, you mean this script needs something good in it? Well, I couldn’t agree with you more!

(To audience) What a load of rubbish, eh? I’ve been sitting out in the wings

(Twirling, showing off her wings)

Beautiful, aren’t they? About time you all had a treat! This has to rate as one of the worst pantos

Narrator:         (Interrupting furiously) Hey! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! So where have you been, all this time we have been performing our ‘oh so terrible pantomime’?

Fairy:               Where have I been, darling?

(Twirling) Do you really need to ask? (Pauses) Well, getting ready of course! A fairy must always look her absolute best at all times, especially this time of year!

Narrator:         (Aside to audience) Strikes me this fairy could spend a little more time down the gym!

Fairy:               (Exploding) I beg your pardon! I trust you are not suggesting I lose any of (pauses as she tries to find her waist) this exquisite figure?

Narrator:         Well, it might have helped you get here a bit quicker! Things have just been going from bad to worse, here on stage!

Fairy:               Oh, you mean the Pinocchio thing?

Narrator:         Er yes, it is his story we are telling here today!

Fairy:               Ah well, then. My timing is perfect (pauses as she minces over to the audience) … as ever! Here I am!

Narrator:         Just in the nick of time! We so need you – or rather, Pinocchio does!

Fairy:               Yes, I have been watching this rather sad story unravel. That puppet certainly needs all the help he can get!

Narrator:         But it has to be the right kind of help. He’s been receiving an unfortunate amount of the wrong type.

Fairy:               What do you mean?

Narrator:         Well, I’m afraid we have a slight glitch in the plot. You see, one of the good guys has turned bad!

Fairy:               Oh no! That is bad news! And who might that be?


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