Romeo & Juliet Valentines Play


Romeo & Juliet Valentines Play


Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play

Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play. A Valentines Play with a difference – Romeo & Juliet very much ‘out of love’ despite the accompanying 12 classic love songs! This modern alternative version sticks to the plot …. but with a few rather interesting variables thrown in!

Romeo and Juliet Valentines Play. Extract

Friar Lawrence:      But haven’t you heard? Romeo has been let off – all you have to do is join him in Mantua.

Juliet:                         In Mantua?  But this is my home! (Aside) And I’ve heard the shops are nothing like as good as in Verona!

Cupid:                        (Coughing) Aren’t we forgetting something?

(Narrator waves bag of sweets)

Juliet:                         Ah yes, the sweets. I mean, the romance!

Music 7

Juliet:                         (Wailing along to song) Oh no, not my baby. Oh no, not my sweet baby!

Narrator:                  Yes, yes. Don’t let’s over do it! (Aside) Time to move the plot along – see if we can get rid of this one!

(Calling to Friar) Friar! Your plan, please.

Friar:                          Ah yes. Now, let’s see. What was it again?

Narrator:                  This could take forever!  Allow me … You listening, Juliet? Take some of this ..(hands her bottle, which she promptly downs in one, clutches throat, staggers around and then falls to ground – dead.) and …. Oh dear! (Examining label on bottle) I’ve gone and got the bottles mixed up! This is no sleeping lotion! This one was meant for Romeo – it’s poison!

Music 8

Narrator:                  Cut! Cut! This wasn’t meant to happen! How can we finish the play now?

(Romeo dashes onto stage)

Romeo:                     What have you done? I’ve just galloped all the way back from Mantua …

Narrator:                  Well, that bit’s right!

Romeo:                     Yes, I know. But she’s gone and drunk my poison! How am I supposed to die now?

Cupid:                        (Coughing) Er, what about your beloved Juliet?

Narrator:                  Yes. Couldn’t you look just a little bit more upset?

Romeo:                     (Bracing himself) OK. I’ll give it a go.

Music 9

(Romeo sings really ‘over the top’ version of Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You)

Juliet: (Sitting up abruptly) Right! That’s it! A girl can only put up with so much. I was prepared to go along with the playing it dead thing. But to listen to you killing my favorite song? I don’t think so! Consider us OVER!



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