All the Presidents – first of 7 plays


All the Presidents – first of 7 plays


All the Presidents – first of 7 plays

All the Presidents – first of 7 plays. From ‘Meet the Presidents’: a set of 7 plays for guided reading or use within the classroom – 6 speakers each, plus quiz. This can be found in USA Guided Reading Play Scripts, on the second page.

Also available: Tea at the White House – Meet the First Ladies! Set of 8 guided reading plays (same place on the website as above).

This first script is based on the first 6 presidents:

All the Presidents Speakers

  • George Washington                F         (1789-97)
  • John Adams (1) – father         F         (1797-1801)
  • Thomas Jefferson                     D-R    (1801-09)
  • James Madison                         D-R    (1809-17)
  • James Monroe                          D-R    (1817-25)
  • John Q Adams (2) – son          D-R    (1825-29)

All the Presidents Sample Text:

Monroe:           But it would hardly have been possible without you!

Adams (1):      What an inspiration to us all!

Jefferson:        What a hero to your people – both on the field of battle and off!

Madison:         None of us will ever forget your role in the war of independence!

Monroe:           As commander-in-chief of the Colonial Army.

Adams (2):      What a moment in history when you led those 2,400 US troops to victory at the Battle of Trenton!

Washington:    Oh, it was nothing!

Adams (1):      You always were the most modest of men!

Jefferson:        And honest!

Madison:         You remember that time you couldn’t lie to your dad, even though you knew you’d get into trouble?

Washington:    You mean, when I cut that cherry tree down, with an axe, I’d been given as a present? Yes, after all these years, I can still remember my exact words! “I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie”.

Monroe:           But was it true you preferred farming to politics?

Washington:    Well, yes and no. I did have a very strong sense of duty, but I was very shy! Speaking out in public was not my favourite occupation!

Monroe:           Being in the public eye is never easy! Though I was the first president to ditch the wig and appear in just my own hair!

Washington:    What courage! I might have led armies into battle, but you still wouldn’t get me revealing my false teeth in public! That’s why I never smiled!

Adams (1):      Well, smiling isn’t everything, sir! And let me say what an honour it was serving under you, as Vice President, for those eight years!

Washington:    And let me thank you – not just for all your loyal service in those years, but for always standing up for what you believed in! Just like your son!

Adams (2):      Pardon? I thought I’d been written off as a failure!

Adams (1):      What? After giving up 18 years of your life to campaigning against slavery? Now, let me tell you something, son. It really isn’t just about holding an important office in life that matters. You made a huge contribution to this country, in every way as big as the rest of us here today.

Jefferson:        Here! Here!

Washington:    At last we’ve found common ground! Let’s all shake hands! This being a father business is really quite tiring! I’m off, back to my farm – for a little peace and quiet!


Who was ‘father of his country’?
Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?
Who helped Jefferson write it?

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