Romeo & Juliet guided reading script (1 of set of 8)


Romeo & Juliet guided reading script (1 of set of 8)


Romeo & Juliet guided reading script (1 of set of 8)

Romeo & Juliet guided reading script is a short guided reading script (plus a synopsis of the plot) uses the 6 principal characters:

  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Tybalt
  • Mercutio
  • Friar Lawrence
  • Prince of Verona

to deliver what happens in the original. This is one of a set of 8 guided reading scripts:

  1. Macbeth
  2. Hamlet
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  4. Twelfth Night
  5. Henry V
  6. Romeo and Juliet
  7. Anthony & Cleopatra
  8. The Tempest

which are, like the Romeo and Juliet script, all delivered by the six principal characters in each of the plays.

Also available off the website are slightly longer ‘alternative versions of four of the above: Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet – where the narrator seeks to find out the ‘real story’ – whatever that might be! These come with detailed synopses (original and alternative) and lesson plans, sold individually £3.99.

In addition to the above, are a collection of full-length plays/assemblies, with casts of around 30:

  • Macbeth – Villain or Victim featuring the three witches McBinny, McGinnie and McNinnie!
  • Romeo & Juliet IN LOVE …. or were they? plus a Valentine’s Assembly with 12 classic love songs!
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream Assembly – plus 3 alternative versions: Midsummer Nightmare with Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

These are under the Literature part of the Assemblies section.

Romeo & Juliet guided reading script Sample Text:

Juliet:                    But even if you had, nothing could have stood in the way of our love!

Tybalt:                  Except me!

Mercutio:            Yes, you sure messed things up for them!

Tybalt:                  What? By being killed by Romeo?

Romeo:                But not before you had killed my best friend, here – Mercutio.

Prince:                  All the same. Taking the law into your own hands was a big mistake.

Romeo:                And one I regretted almost immediately afterwards.

Prince:                  Which was why I spared your life

Juliet:                    But banished him to Mantua! How cruel to separate us like that! Especially at a time

when my father had me all lined up to marry Count Paris!

Friar:                      To think how I thought I was helping you both with my little plan!

Mercutio:            A shame you didn’t let a few more people ‘in’ on it.

Tybalt:                  And to think Juliet here died the same way as me!

Romeo:                Well, not quite! You died in a noisy street brawl, started by yourself

Mercutio:            Killing me, as Romeo tried to hold me back.

Romeo:                Whereas Juliet died a far more dignified death, in the silence of her own tomb.

Friar:                      Where she had laid sleeping, but looking like death itself.

Juliet:                    Yes. That sleeping potion you gave me fooled everyone

Romeo:                Including me!

Prince:                  A real tragedy. Two more young lives so pointlessly lost.

Friar:                      And just because of a breakdown in communication. My monk was supposed to tell

Romeo of our plan

Juliet:                    And then I, once I’d woken up after 2 days, could have joined him in Mantua.

Romeo:                               But alas! I never found out your secret plan – I was as much in the dark as everybody


Mercutio:            So you took your own life with that poison.

Tybalt:                  And then  Juliet took hers, with your dagger.

Friar:                      All that love! What a shame it couldn’t have been put to better use!

Prince:                  But in a strange way it did do some good. They may have paid dear, with the sacrifice of

their own lives, but it did bring harmony to the two houses of Montague and Capulet.

Tybalt:                  Something I never thought I’d live to see!

Mercutio:            And didn’t, due to your overwhelming hatred!

Friar:                      So love triumphed in the end – those rival houses brought together in their grief


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