The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico – adapted into a play by Sue Russell


The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico – adapted into a play by Sue Russell.


The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico – adapted into a play by Sue Russell.

I came across a copy of The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico, in the library, at a time that I was feeling rather sad and fearful. 2020 has not been an easy year and I found the reading of this book a beautiful, uplifting experience. As a great fan of novellas, I found this one to be an absolute gem, embracing so brilliantly the wonder of nature and the power of good. It is, in my opinion, the simplicity of the writing (and I don’t mean that in a detrimental sense – conveying important issues in a few words is a skill held by few) that makes it so powerful and its message and descriptions so poignant.

I hope my adaptation (written within the current ‘group of 6’ restrictions!) is enjoyed by all who read it.

And if you have read any books recently that have filled you with hope and inspiration (or even just brought a smile to your face!), please drop me a line on – I would love to hear from you.

Cast of 5, Reading Time around 10 minutes

Sample Text:

Philip:                   Peace, now! I managed to find peace in that most beautiful place and matching joy found through my creativity as an artist. I know how lucky I was to be gifted in this way and to use this outlet as the most effective therapy there is.

Narrator:             To lose yourself in the beauty of nature

Fritha:                  To live in it

Philip:                   To reflect its manifold beauties through my artwork. And to have the company of these wonderful wild fowl. How much luckier can a man be!

Local:                   I’m beginning to understand your world.

Philip:                   Not one of my making – I was just fortunate enough to be able to immerse myself in it.

Fritha:                  But it wasn’t all as wonderful as you are making it out to be. I saw the light go out in your eyes every time I left.

Philip:                   It is true. I missed human companionship. Even with the miracle arrival, departure and then return of the Snow Goose

Fritha:                  (Interrupting) Our snow goose! It was so special to share those moments together.

Philip:                   I agree. But never believe nature can be tamed. That snow goose wasn’t ours – it did as it wished which is as it should be. It had the freedom to come and go

Soldier:                And chose to go with you to Dunkirk! I wonder if it had any idea where it was heading.



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