Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly


Christmas Advent Calendar


Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly

Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly 25 pictures representing 25 aspects of Christmas. Each has a short accompanying explanation plus ten carols.

Cast size is 26 – Narrator plus 25 children; but this script can also be used by a year group – additional children used to read lines from The Night Before Christmas, additional jokes (available from free section) and the acting out of a mini Nativity play at the end – Dec. 20 – 25.

Duration around 15 – 20 minutes – easily adjustable up (extra jokes, carols, etc) or down. Reading Time: Approx 5 – 10 minutes

And don’t forget your FREE Christmas Jokes!

Extract from Christmas Advent Calendar Assembly

Christmas Advent Calendar Play  – For  Class or Year Group

Cast: Narrator plus Children showing ‘Window pictures’ for 25 Calendar Days:  December 1 – 25 (See Production Notes at the end for a list of days/accompanying pictures that children will hold up)

Music 1 Once in Royal David’s City

(First verse is sung by a soloist and the rest of children joining in, as the whole cast files in)

Narrator:             Good morning and welcome to our Assembly on

(Children holding up Advent Calendars)

Whole Cast:        Christmas Advent Calendars!

Narrator:             So. Let’s start with the meaning of Advent.

(Child 1 holds up a picture of Advent Wreath with 4 Candles)

Child 1:                 Advent comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning arrival – the arrival of Christmas through the birth of Christ. The wreath is a symbol of never-ending love, and the 4 candles represent the 4 Sundays before Christmas.

(Child 2 holds up a picture of a Christmas tree, covered in lights)

Child 2:                 The Christmas tree represents everlasting life. The needles point up to heaven and the lights are the stars of heaven.

(Child 3 holds up a picture of Christmas decorations)

Child 3:                 We put up Christmas decorations in our homes.

(Child 4 holds up a picture of Holly and Ivy)

Child 4:                 These include such greenery as Holly and Ivy.

Music 2 The Holly and the Ivy

(Whole cast singing)

(Child 5 holds up a picture of Poinsettia)

Child 5:                 The Poinsettia is a traditional Christmas plant from Mexico where a legend tells of the miracle of some weeds turning into beautiful red, star-shaped plants when they were placed on an altar near the baby Jesus.

(Child 6 holds up a picture of Mistletoe and heart)

Child 6:                 Mistletoe is now used as an excuse for …. Kissing!… In public!

(Whole cast gasps in horror)

Whole Cast:        Ugh!

(Child 7 holds up a picture of Christmas cards)

Child 7:                 The first Christmas card was sent by Sir Henry Cole, the Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He was too busy to send different messages to all his friends so he just used one – “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You”.

(Child 8 holds up a picture of Christmas Carol singers)

Child 8:                 We all enjoy singing Christmas Carols. Not to be confused with ‘A Christmas Carol’ about a grumpy old man called Scrooge!

(Child 9 holds up a picture of Snowman)

Child 9:                 We all love making snowmen and having snowball fights. But it’s not always such fun ..

Music 3 Good King Wenceslas


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