I’m afraid, not exactly a laugh a minute but I do intend to set this right, by a follow up ‘take off’ of this dire gloomy story.


I’m afraid, not exactly a laugh a minute but I do intend to set this right, by a follow-up ‘take off’ of this dire gloomy story.  But for now, this is my first offering, sticking pretty much to the original story, with just a few adjustments in order to keep it to a ‘doable’ length.

So, enjoy – if you can!

Cast of 10. Duration: around 45 minutes

Sample Text:

(Dracula clutches his heart again)

Narrator:         What?

Dracula:          Oh, don’t make me say it again! I always have a bad reaction to anything …

Narrator:         Aha! Good! I get where you’re coming from! Because you were, after all, the epitome of bad!

Dracula:          That’s right! A world of darkness and depravity – that’s where I belong!

Narrator:         (Looking around, shivering) And maybe where you should have stayed!

Dracula:          Where? In Transylvania? But then you wouldn’t have had your story, would you?

Narrator:         You’re right! So, let’s get on with that – though we will stick to a considerably shortened version today as

Dracula:          (Interrupting) Let me guess! You don’t want to be here beyond daylight hours?

Narrator:         Hmm. Something like that.

Dracula:          How very ironic! That you should be afraid of the dark! You who created the master of darkness! Pah! Call yourself a man? No wonder those other characters were such wimps! Strikes me I had very little competition in the evil stakes, if you’ll pardon the expression.

Narrator:         (Whips out a stake from under his cloak) Speaking of which!

(Narrator proceeds to pull out a crucifix and garland of garlic from under his cloak – holding them out in front of him, Dracula recoiling, hissing in disgust)

Dracula:          Bah! I had wondered about the cloak.  Now I see why you chose to wear it! What a coward! To resort to such devices, so early on!

Narrator:         Self-preservation, is the term I think I’d use. I may have created you but I don’t want to end up like you – or worse!

Dracula:          Oh, believe me, nothing could be worse than that existence you thrust upon me. Eternal life! Definitely not all it’s cracked up to be!



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