Nutcracker Christmas Assembly


Nutcracker Christmas Assembly


Nutcracker Christmas Assembly

Nutcracker Christmas Assembly. The starting point of this script is one of panic stations! The school Head of Music ‘landed with’ task of putting on both annual Christmas Concert and Christmas Play – Head of Drama effectively ‘on strike’! But as with all great teachers, with a little help from ‘obliging … at a cost’ pupils, Mr. Tunes is able to pull a great performance out of the bag!

The story of the Nutcracker is true to the original – plus classical ballet input.

The suggested playlist – a mixture of classical and rock music – is ‘challenging’ … 18! But this selection can be easily reduced to a more ‘doable’ number!

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Reading time – around 10 to 15 minutes; but total time including music suggestions obviously depends on how much music is used, length of dance performances etc. If brief excerpts are used – around 25 minutes; with longer selections – possibly up to or over an hour.

Cast 0f 30

School Children – 10 *actors and 8 musicians

School Staff – Head teacher, Music teacher (Mr Tunes), Head of Drama (Miss Theatrics)

Two dancers – one in charge of gifts, the other in charge of sweets

6 Mice and Mouse King

Nutcracker Christmas Assembly Sample Text:

Scene 2 Midnight

(Enter Mice and Mouse King, scurrying around)

(Mouse King trips over sleeping Clara who wakes with a start)

Clara:                          (Screaming) Who are you?

Mouse King:                I might ask the same of you!

Clara:                          I’m Clara and this is (looking around for Nutcracker) …. What have you done with my Nutcracker?

Mouse King:                (Laughing) You’re gonna need more than a nutcracker to get you out of this one!

(Mice all crowd around her, menacingly)

(Enter Nutcracker)

Music 5 Stand and Deliver – Adam Ant

(Nutcracker ‘prances’ around Mice and Mouse King, as they look on shocked and bewildered)

Mouse King:                What the? Who are you? And what do you think you’re doing?

Nutcracker:                 I’m the Nutcracker!

Mouse King:                Er, I get the first bit! You’re definitely a nut!

(All mice fall about laughing)

Mouse 1:                     Is he for real?

Mouse 2:                     Does he seriously think he can take on us lot?

(Mice all shake their heads, laughing)

(Sound of fanfare)

(Enter ‘army’ of soldiers)

Music 6 In the Army – Village People

(Soldiers and Nutcracker ‘perform’, whilst Mice and Mouse King ‘freeze to the spot’ totally terrified)

(At the end everyone applauds, as mice ‘run for their lives’)

Nutcracker:                 (To Mouse King) Huh! Not laughing now!

Mouse King:                Definitely not! That has to be the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

Nutcracker:                 (Surprised) Oh really? But we were just warming up!

Mouse King:                (Recoiling in horror) No! Spare me! No more! Anything but that!

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This script was written (as per normal format) for a class of 30 but has ‘potential’ for far greater size cast and length of the performance. So this script could be seen as a ‘starting point’ – to build upon.

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