Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age Guided Reading


Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age Guided Reading


Changes in Britain from Stone Age to the Iron Age –  5 Guided Reading Scripts

Suggested time allocation: 20 minutes each. Reading time – around 5 minutes each, not including quiz and discussion suggestions

6 speakers for each:

  • Narrator
  • Hunter Gatherer
  • Farmer
  • Stone Age Man
  • Bronze Age Man
  • Iron Age Man


1.     When? Timeline

·       8 million years ago – apes/early humans – fossilized remains in Africa

·       4 million years ago – Cavemen

·       2.7 million years ago – Stone Age (First of the ‘3 Ages’: Stone, Bronze and Iron)

·       2.7 million years ago              (i) Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age

·       20 – 10 thousand years ago  (ii) Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age

·       10 thousand years ago          (iii) Neolithic or New Stone Age

·       4,000 BC          Farming throughout Britain

·       2,000 BC          Bronze Age in Britain

·       600 BC             Iron Age in Britain


2.     Key Changes and Factors affecting Change:

–        Ape to Caveman (the Physical development that enabled more use of hands)

–        Development of Tools – starting with flints; and later Weapons

–        Stone to Bronze to Iron

–        Impact of Ice Age

–        Hunter-Gatherer to Farmer


3.     Changes – Things

–        Weapons

–        Food/Storage

–        Farming Techniques

–        Pottery, Bronze, Iron

–        Impact on Population


4.     Changes – People

–        How they looked (dressed)

–        How they communicated

–        How they organised themselves

–        Farming

–        Trade

–        War



–        Olduvai Gorge flints/ Flint Mines

–        Cave Paintings

–        Skara Brae

–        Field Patterns

–        Stonehenge

–        Hill forts – Danebury Hill



These plays are all approximately 5 minutes reading time, plus quiz and discussion time.

Suggested time allocation: Around 20 minutes This will obviously vary according to how much time is spent on discussion. I have suggested some possible themes – others can, of course, be added.


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